Everything You Need to Know About the New WoW Dragonflight Patch Trading Post

Given that WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 is online (and the Trading Post launches on February 1), in this article, we’ll cover it as well as patch 10.0.7.

Rarely, right after an expansion opens, do we see a significant influx of new features, yet here we are. Players will have the opportunity to acquire mounts, transmogs, and pets at the Trading Post with regular monthly additions of new things. For instance, we already hear that the Celestial Steed store mount will be present. Sorry to the Classic players, but the functionality will only be available on Retail World of Warcraft.

To make things more interesting, Blizzard is to release these patches exactly at the moment of the eSports competitive season for WoW, given that the Arena World Championship tournaments have just begun, with four AWC Cups leading to the Grand Finals on April 1-2, triggering activities of the betting sites in Spain offering WoW on their lines.

What Are the Trading Posts and How Do They Work?

New traders will reside in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. These are the Zen’shiri and T&W (Tawny and Wilder) Trading Posts. The T&W Trading Post in Stormwind lies just outside of the Mage District, and the Zen’shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar is close to Grommash Hold. The new items for the month are displayed prominently in the shops of our vendors. Mounts will be stabled, transmogs will be exhibited on mannequins, and pets will be at their feet. To view this month’s goods, talk to the traders.

You need to gain “Trader’s Tender,” a new account-wide currency, in order to buy these special cosmetic items. There are two methods to earn this:

  • Automatically every month: 500 Trader’s Tender are available in a chest dubbed the Collector’s Cache at the Trading Post if you log in and go there.
  • By finishing the following monthly tasks in the Traveler’s Log: up to 500 extra Trader’s Tender can be earned each month by completing a set of tasks.

You’ll have the option to “freeze “a purchase from the store for the next month, ensuring that you don’t pass up something you really want.

The offered products will rotate once a month. If you lose out on anything, don’t sweat too much because it won’t be gone forever. At least for Blizzard, enabling distinctive customization appears to be the key. WoW’s transmogs have the drawback of being strongly centered around a certain patch or piece of content. So you might be out of luck with an Underwater expansion if you want stuff that was influenced by Ragnaros or Firelands. With this method, though, in principle, Blizzard has the ability to perform special drops that could be out of place inside a standard patch.

How to Earn Trader’s Tender, the Currency of the Trading Post

As a thank you for enjoying Dragonflight, you’ll receive an additional 500 Tenders for the first month the trading post is open.

Players who have an active account (paying subscription) and are in good standing (it goes without saying that they aren’t banned) will be given a predetermined amount of Trader’s Tender on the first of each month (currently 500). It will be given to them at any point during the month in which they have an active subscription if they aren’t a paying subscriber on the first of the month.

Treader’s Tenders will be distributed equally to all parties. Additionally, cosmetics from expired promotions and things typically accessible for cash payment on the in-game marketplace will be available for purchase with Trader’s Tender at the Trading Post. Players now have a different option for getting these things, thanks to this.

The second method involves finishing the monthly challenges. In essence, this is similar to the monthly rotating Battle Pass that each and every game provides these days. Expect that it’s a component of the game. These will change each month and are based on a different subject (see above). Players have the option to earn by carrying on with their current methods of gameplay, like completing quests, participating in battlegrounds, celebrating holidays, and even playing Mythic+ dungeons. However, you might also decide to take part in events especially created for the month. The players’ Adventure Guide or even the brand-new Traveler’s Log will contain a list of the monthly activities.

Patch 10.0.7 Should Now Be Applied

The TLDR of this brief yet intriguing content patch is as follows:

  • Finally, players will be able to explore the Forbidden Reach region of the Dragon Isles (or, for Exoker players, explore). Previously the Dracthyr starting region, the area is currently littered with max-level content.
  • The eagerly-awaited heritage armor questlines for humans and orcs are available (more on that later).
  • New races will be allowed to use the monk class. Worgen and Lightforged Draennei are added to the mix with the Goblins.
  • The procedure for recruiting friends will also be updated, though specifics haven’t yet been revealed.

Returning to Forbidden Reach

Early on in the beta, Blizzard made it clear that the Dracthyr starting location was more than just a leveling experience. However, because Blizzard withheld the content from beta testers, they never got to view it. So, what kind of stuff can we expect? We’ll first examine the narrative and discover more about what transpired to the Dracthyr Evoker, as well as what will happen to them now that Raszageth was already vanquished.

Players will now have access to max-level content in the zone that explores what’s been left behind since the Primalists wreaked havoc. Along with new storm locations, bosses, and goals, the area will also have a ton of new loot. It appears that this will be a new location for the hub of quests. Probably a two-resets-per-week schedule of World Quests.

Questline for Human Heritage Armor and Orc 

We finally have access to Heritage sets for the “OG “races after what feels like an eternity of waiting since the release of Warcraft 2. This will also take the shape of a quest chain that’s centered on the activities of that faction, like many others. At this moment, no information has been disclosed. While it’s true that some players’ reservations about the armor’s appearance are subjective, a Blizzard Community Manager did offer some encouragement to those yearning for blood. He stated that there are a few other options that players will receive for the Orc and Human Heritage Armor sets. Later on, they’ll display more of those, he added.

We don’t know exactly what it entails, but we have a suspicion that it either entails color changes or a consideration of how to address some issues about how the female human armament appears.

Recruiting Monk 

While Monks have rarely been the most popular choice in World of Warcraft, primarily because each of their three specs offers a distinctive twist on how the role typically functions, those who may have been debating creating a Monk may be thrilled to learn that you can now start a game as a Lightforged, Worgen, or Goblin.

Although we don’t know much about the modifications, we may assume that Blizzard is eager to cash in on Dragonflight’s popularity. You can see that the most recent version of the system functions, but we have to question what will happen to all of the system’s present riches. We’d generally guess that for the time being, the rewards will mostly stay the very same, but the methods of receiving them will change.

When Will the WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 Be Made Available?

Even though there isn’t much material because the new quest stuff has already been physically completed, it will soon be available on the PTR. This might be a fairly short turnaround, in our opinion. The patch release timetable would remain on track for the six updates in total in 2023 if Patch 10.1 were to arrive in late February.