How to get a silver scarab talisman in Elden ring?

Silver scarab talisman in Elden ring: To increase your chances of finding a specific item in Elden Ring, you must purchase the Silver Scarab Talisman.

Talismans are an essential part of every Elden Ring player’s equipment. Although they are very light, they can make a big difference.

Talismans can increase your combat capabilities by boosting your damage, HP, FP, and stamina. Some Talismans possess unique abilities that can be extremely helpful in certain situations.

Most players are familiar with the Silver Scarab Talisman, which boosts your rune collection. However, most players don’t know about the silver version.

The Silver Scarab Talisman is still an excellent tool for finding specific items. It increases your item discovery. Here’s how you can find it.

What does the Silver Scarab Talisman do in Elden Rings?

The Silver Talisman significantly increases your hidden discovery ability. This is extremely useful as it increases your chances of securing loot from defeated foes.

This Talisman and the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot (increasing your Arcane statistics) can all help boost your Discovery. This will allow you to farm specific items faster from enemies.

Where can I find the Silver Scarab Talisman?

  • You must first understand how to get the Consecrated Snowfield at Elden Ring.
  • Once you have collected both the medallion parts and reached the Grand Lift of Rold, you will need to follow the Hidden Path to Haligtree.
  • Continue walking along the path until there is a staircase on your left that ascends.
  • You’ll notice a gap between the railings to your left when you climb the first set.
  • Walk left along the sidewall towards the hallway by the side and drop off the edge.
  • Grab the Grave Glovewort9 and hit the illusory walls to get the Silver Scarab Talisman from the chest.

This is how you can get the Silver Scarab Talisman from Elden Ring. Good luck with farming any rare item that you desire!