How to Get Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery in Elden Ring

Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery in Elden Ring: Elden Ring has various magical items for players who enjoy casting spells. Thanks to an extensive range of sorceries and magic weapons, tarnished can create builds that feature some of the most impressive feats and abilities.

 If you are interested in learning a bit of the Dark Arts, there is a collection of Incantations and spells that can use to help you.

These Death-centric items can be mighty if they contain Ghostflame attributes. The Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery is a great example. 

Although it may seem weak, it’s mighty to others. This Sorcery causes an explosion of Ghostflame around the caster. It also deals damage over time. 

This spell is for those who fully embrace magic and wish to unlock their Death Sorceries’ true potential. The Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery is located in Elden Ring.

Location of  Ghostflame Sorcery 

To obtain the Explosive Ghostflame ability, players must first find the Consecrated Snowfields area West of the Mountaintops of the Giants. 

Players will need to locate and collect two pieces from the Secret Haligtree Medallion. You can grab the first piece from a hidden NPC at the Village of Albinaurics.

 The second piece must be found at Castle Sol, North in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Once they reach the Consecrated snowfields, players will want to continue North until they come to Ordina, Liturgical Town. As Explosive Ghostflame is a demanding boss, it’s recommended that players unlock this Site of Grace.

 Once players have completed the preparations, they must ensure it is nighttime. Players can spend time at a Site of Grace and then continue West of Ordina and Liturgical Town to reach a frozen river. 

Players will find a Death Rite Bird in the Northernmost portion of the river. The Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery will be awarded to players who defeat this formidable foe.

What does the Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery do?

This spell is available from Death Sorceries and will spice up your spells with something more sinister.

 This spell allows players to smash a staff into the ground, causing an explosion of Ghostflame. It will then spread into an AOE that continuously damages any enemies caught in it. 

This spell is a good choice for large groups of enemies because it has a high AOE.

You need to have a strong 42 Intelligence and 30 faith to use it. It costs 36 FP each time. The Prince Of Death’s Staff can use to enhance its effects.