How To Change Arrows In Elden Ring?

Change Arrows In Elden Ring: While some would rather be up close, personal, and personal with the opponent by engaging in melee battle, many prefer to remain at a distance and bring their opponents down from afar. 

If that’s your style of play, and particularly for those with ranged classes, you could be wondering how to switch between arrows and bolts within Elden Ring. 

Knowing this is crucial as the damage caused by each type of arrow will be different and uniquely impact enemies.

 In a game like this, a swift shift from a weaker to a more powerful arrow could make crucial to the outcome of a battle or death.

How to Change Arrows in Elden Ring

Contrary to other games that permit you to change the arrows, there is no way to change the arrows in Elden Ring. You can assign 2 buttons to two different types of arrows and use them at any time.

  • Players can have two kinds of arrows that they can change among. For example, one could include normal arrows, and another could become fire arrows.
  • When you hold your bow (L2/LT) in your hands, press and hold LB to target and utilize the stick on the left to alter the target.
  • Release R1/RB to light Arrow Type 1 and R2/RT to ignite Arrow Type 2.
  • Enter your equipment menu and choose the slot you want to equip before. They will generally be found in the Heavy and Light Attack slots of the character you are playing.
  • When you unlock better archers or arrows with distinct advantages, place them with some of the slots, and hit the appropriate button in shooting them.

After you’ve cleared that up, With that all cleared up, here are the steps to open all bows (locations).