How to Unlock Pugnala Provola in Vampire Survivors

Unlock Pugnala Provola in Vampire Survivors: Pugnala Provola is a new, formidable character in Vampire Survivors. The Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow are two new weapons available to this character. 

Her coffin may be found in the game’s first level, the Mad Forest. Everything you need to know about tracking down Pugnala and finding her casket in the Mad Forest is here.

Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Pugnala Provola

Here is how you can unlock Pugnala Provola in Vampire Survivors:

  • First, you need to get the Milky Way map in the game
  • Collect the relic and look at the pause menu map
  • The game will show you where the coffin is
  • You will see it as a question mark on the map

But how do you get this relic? Here is what you need to do:

  • Reach level 40 in the Inlaid Library
  • This will then unlock the Dairy Planet stage
  • In the Dairy Planet stage, follow the green arrow
  • This will lead you to the edge of the screen
  • Now, the map will be right there

In Vampire Survivors, players must now return to the Mad Forest. You may enter the pause menu by hitting the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard while holding the Milky Way map. 

Use the Option/Menu button to go to the map if you’re on a console. In the bottom right corner, hit the ‘Show Guides’ button. This will add arrows to the screen’s edges. 

This will make it much easier for you to explore Pugnala Provola’s coffin in Vampire Survivors.

Be cautious since Provola’s coffin will be ringed by a ring of powerful opponents as you approach it. Before you may unlock Pugnala Provola’s coffin in Vampire Survivors, you must fight them.

As a result, before visiting Pugnala’s tomb, you must level up the game’s securing weapon evolutions. This is how you may invite Pugnala Provola to play Vampire Survivors with you.