10 Best Discord Alternatives for Amazing Experience

Voice and text chap applications are pretty great for exchanging and collaborating ideas, knowledge, and information. Since the past few years, many professionals and gamers have turned to Discord to ease their communication. Discord deserves all the credit for enabling players to coordinate with each other within the periphery of a particular game. Despite being an excellent means of communication, today’s gamers seek Discord alternatives. The reason may be either chat bombarding or server raids or hacking vulnerabilities or may be due to harassment issues. So it’s quite straightforward to say that not everyone is happy with the services provided by Discord. So whatever your reason may be to leave Discord and look for its existing alternatives, find it out first and avoid involving with similar issues.

Why Are Discord Alternatives Becoming Popular?

Love for games and Fancy designs are fine for choosing a chat and voice application. When it comes to Discord, there are more problems that cover all its good. That’s the reason why people these days prefer to look for alternative apps for more comfort. In fact, there are organizations and businesses as well who chose Discord for their urgent meetings, sessions, and conferences. Though they aren’t highlighting any of its life-threatening disadvantages, it’s just that Discord limits within the niche of gamers. So the organizations don’t find it mature enough to stand up to their expectations. 

Best Discord Alternatives

UI Not-So-Professional

Usually, to search for information, we turn to the Google Search Engine and type in (suppose, “The best Discord alternatives”). The result shows up with a lot of information regarding your search. As per your preference, you click on a particular link and read the information fed inside it. But hey, when you’re connected to Discord, it kills the possibility of accessing Google to stone dead. It has its own search engine which doesn’t scale its results, and you’re stuck in a walled garden.

Hackers’ Alert

Have you heard about the news of the cybercriminals’ activities in Discord? Yes, the FBI is currently investigating the matter. There is a group that’s involved in unethical data sharing like passwords, usernames and much more. In the past few years, the child groomers, shady criminals, white supremacists and hate-mongers are intermingling the innocent gamers. Thus, threatening messages, harassment, call to violence and other illegal activities are taking place in Discord. 

Server Conflicts

No matter what, the server issues are very common in Discord. Most of the time, you’ll find some connectivity convulsions, app crashing or maybe some other glitches with Discord. This has become an incorrigible problem in the past years, and gamers are getting frustrated with complaining about it. Sometimes the messages don’t get delivered on an urgent basis. And the rest of the time the app screen sticks to a single page and doesn’t seem to move. 

Except for these three problems, there are endless issues going on with Discord. Whatever may be the problem is, let’s roll down to its solution and discover a few Discord alternatives.

Discord Alternatives Easing The Trouble

Despite facing so many troubles, there is no point continuing with Discord. It’s expensive, inconvenient and vulnerable to hackers. We’re glad to provide you with the Discord alternatives below to secure your information with a better UI.

Have a glimpse…

Troop Messenger

Discord Alternatives

Be it either a simple small or huge team collaboration and communication; Troop is a great choice for all. The application is the same as Slack, but it doesn’t disable its users from accessing the message history. The most commendable part is its real-time chat feature where team members can reply to messages. 

Instead of legacy info sharing, the instant messenger acts as an extra add-on feature in Troop Messenger. It saves up a lot of time, encourages quick and quality decision making, as well as increasing allover productivity. You can also make use of your past communications as future references in Troop Messenger. Without having to gather at one place, team members can communicate with each other through a virtual conference via Troop.

Key Features of Troop Messenger

Check out the top features of Troop Messenger that make it one of the most wonderful Discord alternatives.

  • Forkout: Share common information among multiple groups or team members in one tap.
  • Shoutout: Trying to send a message to the bulk of recipients? Send a broadcast message to a larger audience which is shortly known as a shoutout.
  • Burnout: Need to share private data among some particular members? In a private chat room, discuss confidential matters with specific team members.
  • Response Later: Need more time to decide or willing to chat later? Tag the Respond Later button with the specific chat message and reply as per your convenience. When you finally feel like replying, just navigate to the global and advanced search and filter out the messages. Reply whenever you want!
  • Jumper: Feeling uneasy about communicating among so many team members in the group? Choose your preferable team members and start it fresh with a new chat window.


Best Discord Alternatives

With an active and accessible collaboration and communication feature, HeySpace is a simple project or free task management software. You can call it one of the finest Discord alternatives due to its extra features and comfort. HeySpace brings a perfect collaboration of a dedicated communication tool and free task management software features in one place. Teams of Arizona State University, Blitzmetrics, Wondersauce and many more are turning to HeySpace these days because of its accessibility.

The chat boards of HeySpace are of two types – Public and Private spaces. Each division includes a Sticky Notes board as well to store important information. From the conversation to creating a task sheet, everything is quite smooth and effective with HeySpace. You can also involve in status tracking, milestone tracking, project planning, resource management, file sharing and much more with HeySpace.

Key Features of HeySpace

There are reasons to call HeySpace as one of the best Discord alternatives. Take a look at the essential key features of HeySpace. 

  • Chat Board: Share confidential information with specific team members in private chat boards and attend conferences and meetings in public chat boards.
  • Notifications: Whenever you receive a message from anyone HeySpace comes up with a badge of unread messages through notifications.
  • Action Tracking: Whoever is changing the task and conversation and whatever they are changing, everything you can track in HeySpace
  • Attachments: The software enables the members to attach images, documents, push notifications and add mentions in one-to-one chat boards.
  • Filter out: Filter out the required actions in Sticky notes through the advanced search bar.
  • Cards’ List: In case you wish to store essential data someone provided to you, you can do it on the cards list.


Top Discord Alternatives

For vocal communication between members on a chat board, TeamSpeak is a proprietary Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP). Whenever it comes to online gaming on a VoIP communication system, there is no better choice than TeamSpeak. The software enables crystal clear sound while conferencing with cross-platform team members. 

So you confront no hassle in communication and get a wonderful experience from its extraordinary user interface. Apart from that, it also offers lag-free performance, superior-grade security along with undoubted reliability as a whole. So calling TeamSpeak as one of the topmost Discord alternatives is worth it. Especially when we look at its features, security, accessibility, and comfort.

Key Features of TeamSpeak

Being a suitable Discord alternative, TeamS peak has its excellent Voice-over-Internet Protocol features. Have a look at some of the highlighting features.

  • Lag-free Operations: The most wonderful part is you can enjoy automatic microphone adjusting features, echo cancellation and background noise cutter at TeamSpeak.
  • Military-Grade Security: Where Discord is blamed for its loose security measures, TeamSpeak is known for its military-grade security. It solely decides on who can join channels, which should be able to talk and etc.
  • Perfect Synchronization: As soon as opting for TeamSpeak, you get access to over 100 of its add-ons. The voice and skin pack Cloud-based service helps create the perfect sync between your devices, and it’s servers, preferences, and settings.


What are the best Discord Alternatives

For a modern team, Flock can be one of the most commendable features for team collaboration and communication via software. It offers project management, team massaging and many more accessible features. In case you’re seeking a few Discord alternatives, Flock is a great choice for organizing files, messages and information at a centralized place. In short, Flock seamlessly draws an end to your need to switch between versatile applications.

On turning to Flock, users can create more than one group for a wholesome organization or a department. In order to join the team, the members can send an invitation Team URL to the selective members. Creating public and private channels are quite easy with Flock. In a Public channel, anyone can join the channel without receiving an invitation from the team member. They are mostly for sharing interests, facts, knowledge and experiences. Whereas, the Private channels are for discussing confidential matters only.

Key Features of Flock

Here are a few key features of Flock which make it one of the most highlighting Discord alternatives above all. So let’s have a look…

  • Easy Communication: Be it a one-to-one conversation or team discussions regarding a project, share unique or common interests and information on Flock.
  • New Chat Window: Whenever you feel the need to discuss anything in a group or with a single member, opt for the new chat window.
  • Attach Anything: In order to share any media file (images, videos, audios) or documents, you can straightaway attach it to the chat.
  • Attend Virtual Meetings: Through audio and video calls, you can easily attend virtual meetings, sessions and conferences without having to be physically present.


Discord Alternatives for gamers

Being an affordable team chat software, Slack is touted as one of the best Discord alternatives. If you observe the basic integrations of Slack closely, it is 100 times better than Discord. The software integrates with a few third-party tools like MailChimp, Trello, GitHub and etc. While keeping the other unavoidable discussions constant, it collaborates faster to get you a centralized event feed. Thus you leave all your worries about getting the event ready on your own.

Slack certainly automates all the mundane and marvellous tasks by enhancing the internal communication channels. Slack pipes in data and context by accessing its special range of APIs that enables access to write and read. You can customize its functionalities, cultivate conversations and make use of the other ingenious services in Slack.

Key Features of Slack

Apart from being just a medium in between the conversations, Slack has a lot more features to offer to its valuable clients. Let’s go ahead with some of them…

  • Uploading Files: Simply drag and drop any file to any chat room over HTTPS to upload it successfully.
  • Start Pinging: If any team member is not online and you wish to address him/her in your message, just type-in @name.
  • Third-Party Integration: Slack integrates with Trello, MailChimp, GitHub and other third-party tools for smooth operations.
  • Polished UI: Where Discord users suffer from its poor user-interface, Slack has an intuitive and polished user interface to give better experience.


Discord Alternatives Download

Overtone is a high-quality, powerful chatting and voice calling app, giving tough competition to Discord with enhanced gaming experience. VIVOX – an extremely trustworthy voice platform, the gaming which is the primary base of Overtone. The leading gaming studios are gracefully putting their trust on Overtone. The World-famous games that have integrated Overtone into their software are World of Tanks, Fortnite, PUBG and etc. 

Powered by VIVOX, Overtone is a crystal-clear voice calling app with reliable and easy-to-access communication features. It creates a unique and integrated platform for gamers to experience better gameplay. Also, it enables gamers to communicate within or outside the game for quick actions and collaborations. Moreover, by having a quick look at its incredible voice calling features, we can sensibly call it one of the best Discord alternatives.

Key Features of Overtone

Despite having only the voice calling and chatting features, it turns out to be a tough competitor of Discord. Have a look at some of its features…

  • Reliable: Overtone has a very basic and user-friendly interface which makes the app more trustworthy and simple.
  • Lightweight: Overtone is overly popular among gamers because of its lightweight and easy-to-setup characteristics.
  • Easy Modes: Voice call, text chat in person or in groups are the most common requirements of gamers across the world. And none does it better than Overtone powered by VIVOX. 
  • Works without Download: The best part of Overtone is, you don’t have to download the app to attain its features. Just run it on a browser and enjoy a superior experience than Discord.

Hangouts Chat

Discord alternatives available for download

Whenever it comes to choosing an app for your smartphone or other devices, we seek the most secure application options. And who can assure more security and comfort than Google? Yes, Google introduced the Hangouts Chat software as a direct messaging platform. In fact, some of the previous Android phones already had Hangouts Chat installed within. So this application can certainly beat all the challenges of Discord with a few handy easy-to-access features.

Moreover, Google introduced Hangouts Chat to ease direct messaging or group messaging features for Gmail users. However, the only difference between Hangouts and Discord is, Discord requires any email address of any kind during registration. Whereas in order to access Hangouts, you must have an existing Gmail account or you may create one beforehand. As Discord comes with a lot of unnecessary and complicated features, Hangouts is easy and simple.

Key Features of Hangouts

As I believe, being a Gmail user, almost 70% of the World has created a Gmail account and access already. So let’s explore the features of Hangouts to consider it as one of the best Discord alternatives.

  • Simple Communication: Hangouts enables its users to send text messages, audio messages and make video calls with their contacts.
  • Customization Availability: Hangouts users can deliberately add or delete contacts from their list of conversation and edit comments.
  • Simplified Features: Google has always introduced features based on its clients’ requirements. Hangout is one of those with some handy tools easily accessible even by non-technical users.

Microsoft Teams

Discord Alternatives

After Google, Microsoft is another name that has created a huge fan-base by implementing some extraordinary and eye-catching features. Microsoft Team is another one of the most commendable Discord alternatives with solid bandy tools and secure networks. In a shared workspace, you can easily meet, chat, share files and work with other business apps through Microsoft Teams. Here you get notifications of all your recent activities, meetings, files, private chats, teams, apps and etc.

Based on different organizations or projects, you can bring together all the important people in one group chat. Apart from that, you can also discuss your confidential concerns in private chat rooms. In order to organize your work by project or topic, Microsoft Teams enables you to create multiple channels within one-team. Its threaded chat feature helps you keep track of your important conversation and eases of scanning of the steam.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is mostly known for its high-security features and eye-catchy interface. Let’s roll further to find out its topmost commendable features…

  • Team Collaboration: Time to bring your entire team down on online meetings, web conferencing, group chat, and calling. 
  • MS Office Collaboration: Microsoft Teams helps you collaborate on files and documents with Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Excel and other Office 365 apps. 
  • Add-on Feature: The software enables you to add your preferable third-party software and other Microsoft apps to gear up your business.
  • Highly Secure: Unlike other Microsoft products, Microsoft Teams -powered by Office 365 – provides administrative control, compliance and end-to-end securing.


discord alternative android

Skype is one of the fastest video and audio chat software with a simple user-interface and without any of the advanced gaming features. There is a built-in screen share option in both the tools and it works quite differently in each. You can simply hit the “+” key for sharing your screen with others during a video or voice call. It’s much easier than Discord where you could share just a part of the screen or the entire screen.

Staying in touch is the easiest with Skype. Here you can create a meeting and let other team members know about it. In fact, you can also call on landlines and mobile phones through Skype. Skype Lite is the newly implemented application for Android devices. It’s more lightweight, optimized for unstable and 2G network connections and extremely battery-friendly. So undoubtedly, Skype is one of the most user-friendly Discord alternatives we’ve hardly seen before.

Key Features of Skype

Skype is already a very popular audio and video calling software which is preferable for work purposes. So here we are to help you understand its attentive features.

  • Easy Communication Networks: Skype enables you to make audio and video calls in private one-on-one or in groups.
  • File-Sharing: Almost all types of files can be transferred and downloaded through Skype.
  • Bandwidth: The recommended bandwidth of Skype voice calls is 100 kbps.


Discord Alternative

In case you’re willing to bring a large number of polls and groups in one application, RaidCall is a great choice for you. It works on Voice-over-Internet Protocol and mostly preferred for gaming purposes. Here, you can attain a variety of features, like – poll announcements, file-sharing, link-sharing, voice recording, and voice reduction. 

RaidCall is the ultimate software for structuring your online gameplay with your friends and experiencing a great user-interface. It is an effective tool for chatting with your contacts and friends both in and out during multiplayer games. The most remarkable feature of RaidCall is its password-protected private chat-box. There are two model options to choose from, and the application operates as a usual conference call. 

Key Features of RaidCall

RaidCall has an end number of features, that make it one of the most challenging Discord alternatives. Take a glance at its promising features.

  • Supports Huge Groups: In a single RaidCall group, there can be 100,000 users at the same time.
  • Video-Sharing: Randall supports the sharing of YouTube videos on groups.
  • Multifunctioning: RaidCall allows you to keep watching 3D streams and embedded Twitch while chatting in a group.
  • Interest-Sharing: Based on your games, interests and other activities, here you can discover new communities to share information.
  • Synchronization: Sync your Facebook account with your Raidcall profile and send invitations to more of your friends to join the group.

Top 30 Discord Alternatives  

Due to the constantly evolving technology, thousands of calling and chatting software are gradually coming into existence. On the other hand, as Discord is appearing with a number of flaws in it, people are constantly brainstorming other options to ease the work. Apart from these 10 alternatives mentioned above, there are a few more Discord alternative options available today. 

Here is the list…

  1. Troop Messenger
  2. HeySpace
  3. TeamSpeak
  4. Flock
  5. Slack
  6. Overtone
  7. Hangouts Chat
  8. Microsoft teams
  9. Skype
  10. RaidCall
  11. Ventrilo
  12. Viber
  13. Riot
  14. Tox
  15. Wire
  16. Steam Chat
  17. Mumble
  18. Telegram
  19. Matrix
  20. Mattermost
  21. Jami
  22. Zulip
  23. Zoom
  24. RetroShare
  25. Gitter
  26. Twitch app
  27. Wickr
  28. Proficonf
  29. Overwolf
  30. Ripcord

You can explore any of these Discord alternatives and enjoy their unique features. However, don’t forget to ensure beforehand if their interface is compatible with your operating device.