33 Best Dropbox Alternatives for Free Cloud Storage

We are probably familiar with this technologically advanced file sharing service i.e “Cloud storage”. In this fast-moving world, the cloud storage facility has enriched the means of communication and data sharing functions. Nowadays, everyone is relying on this developed storage functioning. Cloud computing is the fastest way to transfer your data without any direct contact by the users. This is the widely accepted medium to store data, files, and share it globally. Dropbox is one of the recognized cloud storage applications. For many years, gamers and professionals have trusted dropbox as a better way of file storage service. With the change of time, the whole concept of file and data sharing methods is also developing its processes. Dropbox has many loopholes and drawbacks. That’s why people are looking for better dropbox alternatives.

Don’t worry! There are lots of cloud storage applications available in this competitive market. Whatever reasons you may have against the dropbox services always do proper research before considering a data and file-sharing application.

Why There Is A Demand For Dropbox Alternatives?

When we’ve more options & substitutes, we look for new alternatives. In this competitive world, nothing is fixed and stagnant. Similarly, dropbox has many flaws and lacks with their services.

Dropbox fails to upgrade its latest technological supports to the users. It lacks a meta-data search tool function. Users have to struggle a lot to find a specific file and folder. They need to improve on this particular issue. Not only that, but the dropbox data transfer speed is also comparatively slow. That’s why business users are searching for better alternatives.

For many reasons, businesses and individuals prefer alternative applications. Somewhere the organization has failed to meet the requirements of the users. That’s why dropbox alternatives are becoming more popular these days. There are a few major factors that have increased the demands of alternative applications:

1. Storage Facility

Why do we need a cloud storage service? Definitely, to share our oversized, huge files and data. The storage facility is the foremost thing we consider first about file sharing. But dropbox has a limited free space of 2GB only. So the file transferring space is pretty less here. For businesses, they need adequate cloud storage facilities. For more storage facilities, users have to upgrade their programs and accounts. This is a valid reason to consider an alternative file sharing service.

2. Security Threats

Another important undeniable factor is security risks. Cybercrime has become a severe issue in the global market. Any third party can access your data and personal information if there’s a lack of security checks. Dropbox generates a public URL to transfer the file. Though you share it privately through email, there’s a risk factor involved in it. Because the link isn’t encrypted and protected with security checks. So dropbox lacks a proper security check function.

3. File Encryption Issue

When it comes to security issues, Dropbox has failed to show it’s excellence. File encryption is an essential safeguard against cybercrime threats. Dropbox doesn’t have end-to-end file encryption service. So sharing a file through dropbox isn’t that much secure and safe. There are no such methods to encrypt your personal data and files.

11 Best Dropbox Alternatives for Free

Dropbox has popularized the cloud computing service. But things have changed, and people are adopting new methods of cloud storage. Many dropbox alternatives have more functions, collaboration, storage space, etc. Except for these issues, dropbox has many other problems. There’s no point in trusting dropbox blindly for file sharing service. If you are suffering from the same issues, then have a look at this list:

1. Google Drive

Dropbox alternatives

Yes! This is the best alternative to Dropbox for cloud storage. You can get an idea about the services by the name itself. Google has its own storage facility that is similar to dropbox. But why would you consider google drive against dropbox?

Firstly, Google has a good reputation & relation with its users. If you talk about the storage facility, google drive has a free 15 GB cloud storage access. If you compare with dropbox, then it’s pretty less. Not only that, but you can also access any of your Google products like a google sheet, slides, calendar, docs, etc. the integration support of Google Drive helps you to connect with other apps. With a google account, you can complete the task and share your files easily. Even, anyone can access the files from a portable device. It’s compatible with any mobile devices & tablets. That makes your work pretty easier when you’re traveling. Technically google drive gives better support as instant-sync, quick file sharing, cross-platform availability. For individuals or businesses, google drive is the best free tool to share and store your files.

Essential Features:

  • 15GB free cloud storage service. Upload any data without any restrictions.
  • User friendly and compatible with any mobile devices.
  • Quick sync, cross-platform availability, and linked with one google account.
  • Safe and secure to access your content. Share your content with a private, secure link.

2. OneDrive

Dropbox alternatives for business

Microsoft is also there in this competition with dropbox and google drive. With the same features and functions, Microsoft has developed it’s cloud storage tool OneDrive. It also provides a free 5GB storage facility. OneDrive has a cross-platform, auto-sync function, just like Google drive.

This is ideal for every student & who works on excel and word. Microsoft Office has the best tools. It’s an all in one package with inbuilt OneNote. Create and save your documents on the cloud with an office suite. For Windows 10 users, OneDrive is stored in the system by default. You can store selective files and folders in your account. Microsoft OneDrive offers a special secure vault facility. If you are accustomed to Microsoft operating systems, OneDrive is the best dropbox alternative for cloud storage.

Essential Features:

  • By default, free application for Windows 10 operating system users.
  • The best tool provided by Microsoft to write quick notes, save your documents.
  • Auto-sync and cross-platform feature.
  • Inbuilt OneNote facility helps you to sync notes on any device.

3. pCloud

Dropbox alternatives free

pCloud is a swiss based secured cloud storage application. Though the application is not so popular worldwide, it’s secure and easy to use. pCloud gives a free 10 GB storage facility to store your files in a remote location. So you can share it easily with anyone to avoid hard drive problems. pCloud sync and shares everything to reduce the overload of your computer drives.

pCloud never stores the primary space of your computer’s hard drive. You just need to drag and drop it to the pCloud drive. Once it’s uploaded, you can delete it from your computer. You can copy it whenever you want.

pCloud subscription plans are very cheap and flexible to increase your cloud storage space.

In terms of security, pCloud uses the TLS protocol to prevent security breaches. It has AES 256-bit file encryption feature for end-to-end security. Many big business entities prefer pCloud as a medium of cloud computing. From every aspect, pCloud is considered as one of the secure dropbox alternatives.

Essential Features:

  • Highly secured, uses TLS protocol and file encryption.
  • Handsome free 10GB storage facility.
  • pCloud syncs every file and folder that can reduce the hard drive space of the computer.
  • There’s no bandwidth problem. You can easily share files without any glitch.

4. Tresorit

Dropbox alternatives 2020

Tresorit is another swiss based fast cloud computing service. It’s a very powerful and secure cloud storage service that has ranked a top position amongst other applications. If you talk about security, Tresorit has achieved its success. It provides end-to-end encryption, which is called zero-knowledge encryption.

Tresorit focuses on high-level privacy and security policies. Encrypted files need a password to open and access it. Tresorit never saves any password or personal information. It’s really hard for third party users to access your data without your authorization. To unlock any shared files or content, you need a key password. You can seamlessly transfer and upload your files anytime and anywhere. You can try a 14 days free trial to enjoy the best secure cloud storage service.

Essential Features:

  • For best security and privacy, Tresorit is the best cloud storage tool.
  • File encryption and password protection facility.
  • Data transfer speed is high and user friendly.
  • You can use Tresorit with a 14 days free trial.

5. Sync.com

Dropbox alternative app

If you require both usability & security, then sync.com is one of the best dropbox alternatives. When it comes to user-friendly collaboration, Sync.com has reached its height. Not only that, but the security level is also tough here. Third parties cannot access your files without permission. Here, you can set different permission levels and priorities. Suppose, if you give only view access to the file, no one can edit the content. You can securely assign the documents as per your needs.

Here the bandwidth speed is very high. Thus, you can share your files easily without any server issues. There’s a starter plan where you will get a free 5GB cloud storage facility. Sync.com can recover the accidentally deleted files and folders. To restore or view the deleted files, go to the trash icon on the web panel of sync.com. Sync.com has a secure cloud storage space named as a vault. Where you can keep backup of your computer hard drive.

Essential Features:

  • High-speed file sharing and cloud storage facility.
  • Highly secured and different permission levels.
  • The collaboration facility will help you to sync content across many operating systems like Windows, Mac OS.etc.

6. Box

Dropbox alternative open source

Box.net cloud computing is mainly focused on business sectors more than individuals. For every business requirement, box cloud storage service is one of the best dropbox alternatives.

With 14 days of the free trial, you can securely store your data files. Box provides a 10GB cloud storage facility for every user. Box functionalities have attracted business users. It has simplified data storage management.

If you talk about security, the box uses AES 256-bit file encryption to protect the files. You can put watermarks on the contents to avoid copyright issues. It has developed an advanced threat detection, security service to prevent online risks. You can upload pictures, videos, etc. from any mobile devices anytime. The Box is designed in such a way that it works on different platforms. However, it’s compatible with every operating system like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. Box has a 2- factor authentication service. So you can definitely say, it helps to take care of your data and the account login. With the help of 2-factor authentication, you can control the user login information.

Essential Features:

  • High-level cloud storage facility for businesses with 10GB free space.
  • 2-Factor authentication security service.
  • The box is compatible with every web browser and operating systems like Linux, Mac OS, Windows for cross-platform service.

7. Amazon Drive

Dropbox alternative 2020

In this competition, we can’t overlook the name of Amazon Drive. Apart from Alexa, Amazon Prime, they have another cloud computing service called Amazon Drive. User-friendly and secure cloud storage service with 5GB free space facility. It offers a special feature named as Amazon photos that automatically syncs your pictures. Even if it gets deleted, you can download them later from the drive. It has a drag-and-drop facility. You can copy files and folders into your Amazon account from your system.

Using one amazon profile, you can access the drive from any web browser. It is supported on multiple web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Moreover, the file-sharing process is pretty simple. An auto-generated link can redirect shared files and folders. You can send it via email or on social media. Amazon Drive services plans are more flexible and easy to use.

Essential Features:

  • User-friendly interface and free 5GB secure cloud computing service.
  • Amazon photos help you to backup your pictures automatically.
  • It is compatible with your mobile devices and web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

8. iCloud Drive

Best Dropbox alternative

For every mac and iOS user, this is the secure and best dropbox alternative service from Apple.Inc. Definitely, it’s a highly secure and safe cloud computing service. iCloud storage gives a free 5GB storage facility on initial sign-up. You can make new folders and files in your iCloud drive to manage your data. Directly share data from your Mac machine.

You can easily share pictures, safari bookmarks, documents, and any files directly with your apple id. You can control your iCloud drive space by deleting the files. It won’t affect your cloud storage space. So if you are struggling with a hard drive space problem, then store it in a virtual drive. Any users can access the files anytime from iPhone and iPad. You can use the iCloud Drive on Windows operating systems. Furthermore, iCloud is enhancing its drive storage facility with add-on features.

Essential Features:

  • The iCloud drive has a decent 5GB storage facility with every Mac OS user.
  • iCloud storage is highly secured and compatible with any iOS devices.
  • Back and restore facility allows users to sync and store their data, pictures, videos daily when connected to the internet.

9. Mega

What are the best alternatives to Dropbox?

Are you looking for more space? If you are compromising with your cloud storage space, then try the free version of Mega. Definitely, Mega has justified its name by providing a huge cloud storage allocation service. Mega is one of the heavyweight cloud storage services. It offers a free 50GB storage facility, which is far more than dropbox. Not only space but Mega also provides a secure and safe cloud storage service.

It uses end-to-end file encryption to protect your personal files. You can access the files from any mobile device and operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, etc. As it supports cross-platform service, you can share files and collaborate with other people. Mega has an inbuilt chat facility. It helps you to share your files seamlessly without leaving the application. You can also install the mega extension on your web browser for quick access to your files. Therefore, you can’t deny Mega as one of the best dropbox alternatives in this list.

Essential Features:

  • Mega provides enormous cloud storage service. 50GB free storage facility.
  • It uses end-to-end encryption to protect against file malfunctions.
  • User-friendly and compatible with every web browser and operating system.

10 SpiderOak One

How to choose the best Dropbox alternative?

SpiderOak One is a collaboration tool that focuses on extensive security features. It’s a US-based file hosting service that provides a highly secured data sharing service. SpiderOak focuses on strong privacy control policies. It also provides a zero-knowledge facility to ensure a high level of security. SpiderOak isn’t an open-source application. So your files will be encrypted before syncing. You can control and check the status of the file even if a huge team is working. SpiderOak One has different plans for every small and large business enterprise.

No one can access the files without proper authorization. It has flexible backup plans and sharing options. As per your need, you can upgrade the storage service. SpiderOak One is supported by every operating system like Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc. Basically, SpiderOak One is more a cloud backup service with secure cloud storage & sync.

Essential Features:

  • SpiderOak One is a secure cloud backup service tool.
  • Zero-knowledge security to protect against data losses.
  • It is compatible with any operating systems and Android devices.

11. Degoo Cloud

Top Dropbox Alternatives

Last but not least, another secret cloud storage service provided by Degoo. Swedish cloud storage service Degoo cloud never compromises with consumer satisfaction. You don’t have to think about the storage space. Because the Degoo cloud provides 100 GB free cloud computing service. Yes! You heard that correctly. You can backup anything you want, like pictures, videos, and documents, etc.

If you talk about security and privacy, then the Degoo cloud uses high-level file encryption. It provides online streaming support. That means you can stream and play online videos without buffering. Another foremost point is it consumes less CPU usage. So you can complete your work without any problems. By any chance, if you delete the files from your drive, you can retrieve it from the Degoo Cloud. With this, you can enjoy the high-speed data upload without a reduction in picture quality. With all these features, the Degoo cloud has maintained a top-grade position on the list.

Essential Features:

  • Degoo has extra space features that have helped the users to upload heavy size files.
  • Degoo consumes low CPU usage. So it’s super fast and efficiently finishes the tasks.
  • Never compromises with security issues. Files are encrypted with a password.

33 Free Dropbox Alternatives for Unlimited Storage

A cloud storage service stores all your personal information and data. So you have to choose wisely before considering one. There are many cloud computing service providers available in this market. Depending on your needs and requirements, you have to select an application. Each and every application has a distinct feature that makes it different from the other. Dropbox has many flaws; that’s why people accept new providers. Apart from the above-mentioned names, you can also consider these more 20+ high rated dropbox alternatives.

Let’s find them out:

  1. Google Drive
  2. OneDrive
  3. pCloud
  4. Tresorit
  5. Sync.com
  6. Box
  7. Amazon Drive
  8. iCloud Drive
  9. Mega
  10. SpiderOak One
  11. Degoo Cloud
  12. MediaFire
  13. TeamDrive
  14. We Transfer
  15. iDrive
  16. NextCloud
  17. CloudMe
  18. SugarSync
  19. Egnyte
  20. Filestack
  21. Fex.net
  22. Zoho Doc
  23. Workzone
  24. Bitrix24
  25. Jotta cloud
  26. Boxcryptor
  27. Droplr
  28. eFileCabinet
  29. ownCloud
  30. Jumpshare
  31. SecureSafe
  32. justcloud.com
  33. IBM Cloud

Cloud computing service is not about uploading and sharing pictures, videos. If you are looking for more space and need other support, you definitely need to explore a lot. You will get multiple options but consider what your business requires. For many businesses, it’s not possible to manage a huge team. So cloud computing services have simplified the means of business workload. But nothing comes for free, dropbox upgrade plans are a bit costly. However, it’s not possible for small businesses to invest huge amounts of money in cloud computing.

Wrapping Up

There are many free cloud storage providers cheaper than dropbox. Not only about pricing, always look towards the security and privacy policy. Never compromise with the safety of your valuable information and data. So try to research more before finalizing a cloud computing provider. There are several points like auto backup, file encryption, high-speed data upload, etc. you should consider cloud storage.

What are you waiting for? You can decide the best one among all these dropbox alternatives.