9 Best Survey Sites that Pay Money Online in Cash [2021]

You might have experienced surveys while surfing any blog or site online as an advertisement. These surveys are reported to other authorities, and it eventually influences the improvement or analysis of data. If you are struggling to make money by submitting surveys, then you are at the right place because I have shared the best survey sites to make money online. Using survey sites, a person can submit survey reports (takes 10 mins approx.) and earn good money.

There are thousands of survey sites online that offer money in return for submitting survey reports. But it is difficult to choose a reliable survey site because most of them hold payments or are absolutely fake. We did in-depth research and found some of the best survey sites to make money online. Let us not waste our time in the introduction & move further to the subject.

Best Survey Sites that Pay Money in Cash

The reports are used in the research of various things (differs from the type of organizations), and it helps companies to improve their products & services. I have listed some trustworthy & reliable online survey sites that will help you make a good sum.

1. Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars is one of the most trusted survey sites to make money online by investing a little time. The interface is straightforward & accessible compared to other complicated survey engines. InboxDollars is undoubtedly the best site to do surveys and make money online. Like all the other reliable survey sites, Inboxdollars rewards users for doing paid surveys accordingly.

For new users, there is $5 as a joining bonus that motivates the users to do more surveys. Apart from the surveys, Inboxdollars allows you to make money by doing other tasks like playing online games & shopping on the web. If you are searching for a trustworthy & straightforward site, then Inboxdollars is certainly the best option for you.

2. SurveyVoices

Take surveys on SurveyVoices, earn money and then use the money to buy gift cards or simply redeem in the form of Paypal cash.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another reliable survey site that will turn your time into cash. It is one of the most popular survey sites that really pay users money in exchange for submitting surveys. Unlike other survey sites, Swagbucks offer connectivity through Facebook, and they pay in terms of gift cards.

They feature a user-friendly interface, and yes, it is super easy for everyone. You can redeem your gift cards on Amazon, PayPal & Freecharge. Swagbucks is undoubtedly a wise choice for the people who are searching for reliable & guaranteed earnings through a survey site.

4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an astounding survey site with a playful interface & updated Ai technology that brings quality surveys according to your profile. You can earn points by sharing your review on a specific brand/product or even by sharing your experience in a restaurant. Survey Junkie pays users in terms of points which later can be redeemed as e-gift cards & PayPal.

Gargi says, Survey Junkie is actively the best online survey site I’ve ever come across. The reward system is fantastic.

5. Toluna

As the name suggests, Toluna brings positivity & happiness to you by offering easy & life-like surveys and fantastic rewards. Unlike most of the survey communities, Toluna daily updates their survey list and brings more money to you. Want to earn more? Register on multiple survey sites and do hundreds of surveys every day.

6. My Points

MyPoints is a fantastic online survey site that offers a lot more ways to earn than just making money through surveys. A user can earn by shopping at popular stores, watching advertisements, and a lot more. MyPoints is offering $10 as a signup bonus to all the new users. This survey site also pays in Paypal. 

If you are searching for a reliable survey site to make money, then you can undoubtedly add MyPoints to your list.

7. LifePoints

Similar to My Points, LifePoints is a profitable platform and is an integration of former survey sites: MySurvey & GlobalTestMarket. You can earn good money by investing your time in doing surveys on the platform. The payment will be sent as an Amazon e-gift card or PayPal after a certain threshold. 

8. Survey Club

One of the oldest paid survey site that pays money in gift cards or Paypal.

Do not believe those false rumors that subject Survey Club as a big scam because it is 100% legit. Survey Club offers a lot more than paid surveys— you can also participate in quizzes & review products & services and earn cash.

You can certainly add Survey Club to your list and invest your time without any doubt.

9. PanelBase

Last but not least, PanelBase is another potential survey site that is offering £3 as a signup bonus to all new users. It does not offer much, but you can certainly earn a good sum. The minimum threshold for redeeming the payment is £10, which is fair. So you can achieve your first payment in no big time.

These were some of the best survey sites to make money online, and you can undoubtedly use these platforms as they are 100% genuine & trustworthy.


Money is easy to spend but hard to earn, and most people don’t get it because they are free from all types of responsibilities in their life. If you are wasting your time in games & girlfriends, then I recommend you to try the above-mentioned survey sites and make some money. Today, I have shared some astounding survey sites that will help you to make a reasonable sum and you can redeem the money on Paypal.

I believe that this comprehensive listing satisfied your queries regarding survey sites. But if you face any issue or have any doubt then comment below and I will respond to it very soon. Also, share this piece of information with your mates and let them make money online by the legit method.