17 Best Canva Alternatives with Better Features

Are you an artist, graphic designer, or blogger looking for some more sites like Canva? If yes, this post is specially written to help you. Here, I will tell you about the 16 Best Canva Alternatives that you can use in 2020. Using these websites, you can help your creativity thrive and design very appealing graphics.

Note that just like Canva, some of these Alternative editors also have a premium plan that gives access to some premium templates, audios, and features.

Top 17 Canva Alternatives with Premium Features

Canva is a massively popular graphic design platform where users can create posters, presentations, blog covers, social media graphics, and other visual pieces. It is available on various devices like computers and mobiles. You can find millions of images, templates, illustrations, and fonts on Canva to create awesome designs. However, if you are a professional, you’ll need the Canva pro subscription that costs around $13 per month.

Canva Alternatives

Not everyone wants to pay for their services. Along with this, there are other reasons to explore more websites like Canva. The major reason being that there aren’t any limits to creativity. So, the more you explore, the more you’ll find. Therefore, here are the 16 Best sites like Canva that you can use to channel your inner artist.

1. Snappa

Snappa is an online graphic design platform that allows you to create fabulous pieces of art within minutes. The website has tens and hundreds of tools and features that allow you to design uniquely. It is a nice option if you are looking to design some ads, social media posts, or other visuals for your blog. The user interface is also simple and very similar to Canva.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is the next Canva alternative that is very useful for bloggers and online entrepreneurs as it specializes in making charts, graphs, and other infographics. But, you can also create other visuals as well as posters, covers, etc. It provides a number of templates that would help you find the right design for your motive. If you are a college student, this site can really help you make a nice presentation on any subject.

3. Desygner

Desygner is an online tool for graphic design and photo editing. You can use the tool to create flyers, social media designs, and business cards. You can also use the app to create a logo, a PDF editor and a graphic design app.

4. Stencil

Stencil is a graphic design tool that can help you create awesome designs. You can create posters, posts, charts, and other visuals. If you are a marketer, blogger, or graphic designer, this would be a very useful tool for you. The user interface is also simple and you can learn using it perfectly within an hour only.

5. Crello

Crello is the next alternative on our list. It is an amazing tool to create graphic designs and offers many features for free that you find in the paid version of Canva. This tool even lets you create animated posts that you wouldn’t be able to do on Canva.

6. Pablo

Pablo is a wonderful designing tool by Buffer. If you just want to design beautiful covers, posts and other visuals for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Youtube, this might be the perfect tool for you. It even has a Chrome extension that makes using it so easy and comfortable. If you are looking for the best Canva alternatives, Pablo definitely deserves a try.

7. DesignBold

DesignBold is the next and one of the best Canva alternatives available on the web. It provides an extensive collection of stock photos, fonts, and templates. Their collection is even bigger and better than Canva. The user interface is also swift, clean, and very simple.

8. Easil

Easil is another graphic design tool that works on the Drag-and-Drop concept. It allows you to create, posters, posts, covers, menus, infographics, and even GIFs. The possibilities of creating stylish visuals are endless when you are using Easil.

9. Fotor

Fotor is a popular graphic designing as well as editing tool that is really useful for digital artists. It has a very similar interface to Canva. You can use it to fulfill your designing needs as you can find all the templates, fonts, filters, and other content on this website.

10. Pixteller

PixTeller is an amazing online editing and graphic designing tool. It allows us to create and edit animations and photos. You can use it to design beautiful flyers, posters, banner, social media posts, and other visual content.

11. Google Charts

Google Charts is a well-known tool from Google that is generally used by bloggers. It allows you to create graphical charts from user-supplied information. It is a useful and trusted tool that you can definitely use if you want to design informative charts only.

12. Adobe Indesign

Adobe InDesign is a professional designing tool for professional as well as amateur designers. It is a well-known publishing software that allows you to create flyers, magazines, books, brochures, and other informative visual content. However, the user interface may seem a bit complicated to some newbie designers.

13. Pixlr

Pixlr is a popular image editing tool that offers both online and offline versions. But, it is also a great graphic designing solution that you can use as an alternative to Canva. It has a good variety of tools and features that you can benefit from.

14. PicMonkey

Picmonkey is another image editing tool that is able to work as an alternative to Canva. If you usually went to Canva to edit pictures to use them in your posts, you can just use PicMonkey for that purpose now. It has a nice collection of tools, filters, and other features that you must try.

15. Visme

Visme is one more Canva alternative that specializes in infographics and presentations. You can also use it to design other visual contents like posters, cover pictures, posts, etc as well. The user interface is simple and self-explanatory. If you are bored of relying on Canva, then you should try this for a change of air.

16. BeFunky

Be Funky is the next name on our list. This tool provides three main functions to the users- Designing, Image Editing, and Collage Making. If you want to do any of these, then this might become your instant favorite. It is an all-in-one package that is very useful and reliable for digital artists.

17. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the ultimate tool for any digital artist. Whatever any other graphic designing tool can do, it can do a lot more than that and better. The only limitation with Adobe Photoshop is that it has a bit complicated user interface that not everyone is able to understand. However, if you are a professional, I’d recommend that you should start learning about using it as what this tool has got to offer, can’t be provided by any other single tool.

Final Words

These are the best Canva alternatives that you can use in 2020 and beyond. These tools can really help you to design beautiful graphics in a very simple manner. If you know about some more of these, let me know using the comment box. I hope this post helps you enough.