Best Video Editing Apps in 2020

Technology now is on an all-time high and the best part about it is the entertainment we receive. Who doesn’t love spending time on various social media sites? And the best part is the videos we see. People have become an expert in making videos that can capture your attention. Most of us are not experts when it comes to editing videos but we can become one if we want. Use some of the best video editing apps available in the app store to give your video a professional look.

What help are video editing apps?

Video edits used to be complex and costly a few years back. But it changed in recent times. Now people are quite enthusiastic about creating good videos and content. They mostly do it because it captures memories and they can enhance their skills. To be honest, in recent years people make edits to get popular on social media. Now that is where video editing apps come in handy. These apps make the video more appealing and refined. The plus point is that these videos are quite easy to use.

Best Video Editing Apps

10 Best Video Editing apps

I know that I’ve harped a lot about why video editing apps are needed and how useful they are. But now I have a list of some of my favorite video editing apps that I present before you. Have fun reading my peeps.

1. Beauty Video – Music Video Editor & Slide Show

Beauty Video app is one of the best apps available in the play store. This app has features that make adding music to videos easy and fun. This app works well as a movie editor as well as a video editor. Add different effects to make your video more alluring and enticing.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 21 MB
  4. 1 M+ downloads

2. Likee

Likee app is a global platform for creating, editing and uploading videos. This app has superb effects and all the trending videos that can be recreated by anybody. Short videos can be easily edited with the help of several editing options available on this app. You can also create a slow-motion video with the help of this app.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 12+
  3. 51 MB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

3. PixArt Video Editor – No Watermark Video & Pic Maker

Videos need to be refined a bit before we upload them on our social media handles. And the PixArt Video Editor app makes that possible for you. This app can help you control the speed of the video, filter it and add text to the video. The best part of this app is that this app works for free and there is no watermark added to your video.

  1. 4.2 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 23 MB
  4. 100 K+ downloads

4. AndroVid – Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor

AndroVid is an app that is easy to use and has all the right editing options for you to use. The features of this app include filters to edit your video, video trimmer, and video splitter. You can even add a frame to your video and remove the unwanted parts of your video. Add music to the video to make it even more appealing.

  1. 4.4 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 28 MB
  4. 10 M+ downloads

5. VivaCut – PRO Video Editor, Video Editing App

VivaCut is the professional video editor app for creating the best of content. This app has features that include green screen/chroma key, mask, keyframe animation, music maker, audio extraction, etc. Use the multi-layer timeline to get the sleek interface on the video and create content that grasps attention in the first instance. Edit, save and share your video with the help of this app.

  1. 4.5 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 41 MB
  4. 1 M+ downloads

6. Efectum – Slow Motion/Fast, Rewind Video Editor

Efectum app is one of the best apps to create videos that have the most beautiful and catching effects. This app has features like video cutter, Slow motion, rewind video, adding music to video, HD quality, etc. I suggest to you, people, this app because it is my personal favorite. This video editing app will definitely come handy to you.

  1. 4.0 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 35 MB
  4. 10 M+ downloads

7. Tik Tok

Tik Tok app is not only one of the largest social media platforms now but it is also a superb video editing app. The effects that this provides are all tempting and can help add unique filters to your video. Create short videos, slow motion or fast motion videos, use emojis and stickers, etc. to make your video interesting and special.

  1. 4.6 Ratings
  2. Rated for 12+
  3. 57 MB
  4. 500 M+ downloads

8. Adobe Premiere Rush – Video Editor

Adobe is a brand that has long been known as a tool for making edits in pictures, videos, and documents. Now they have brought forward the Adobe Premiere Rush app. This app has a professional in-camera to shoot videos and capture high-quality content. This app edits videos like a pro and all the editing that needs to be done is absolutely easy to do.

  1. 3.4 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 84 MB
  4. 500 K+ downloads

9. Kruso – Video Editor & Story Maker

Now record the video of your family functions and make stunning edits in them with the help of the Kruso app. Save memories as a masterpiece of your edits and all for free. This app can trim, cut and split your video and its filter effects make the more appealing. Such good features would be a waste if not used.

  1. 4.1 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 44 MB
  4. 500 K+ downloads

10. KineMaster – Video Editor

KineMaster app for video editing is a personal favorite of mine. The editing options available on this app are the best and most of them can be used for free. The features of this app are slow-motion videos, multi-layer edits, reverse effects, filters, frames to make the video all the more unique, etc. These editing options can be availed by anyone who downloads the app.

  1. 4.4 Ratings
  2. Rated for 3+
  3. 75 MB
  4. 100 M+ downloads

15+ Fabulous Video Editing apps

I apologize if you were not able to find the app you were looking for. And as compensation for that I have a list of some more wonderful video editing apps. Check them out and see if one of them is up to your taste.

  1. Quik
  2. FilmoraGo
  3. VivaVideo
  4. Magista
  5. iMovie
  6. Funimate
  7. Splice
  8. Video Editor
  9. Clips
  10. Power Director
  11. Cameo
  12. YouCut
  13. LumaFusion
  14. Alive movie Maker
  15. Videoshop
  16. Camli
  17. Vizmato


Now create content that will make you soar high in the sky with fame surrounding you. All of this just by using some of the best video editing apps available in the app store.

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