20 Best Adult Dress Up Games For Android & iOS

Always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer? You have a lot of talent but nowhere to show it? Well, how about I tell you that you can play games to flaunt your fashionable self! Yup! that’s right. There are many Dress Up Games online you can play no matter what your age is. So get your hands on high-class outfits in the game and design your way out of the outfits. In this article, we are discussing some great Adult Dress Up Games for you to enjoy.

Best Adult Dress Up Games 2021

Looking for some fun adult dress-up games to play that bring out the fashion designer or a stylist inside you? Below mentioned are some fun fashion games made especially for fashion freaks like you.

1. Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is one of the most high-class adult dress-up games out there that have A-Z detailing for fashion. Create your own unique style with Covet Fashion. Try on outfits with high-class brands. Complete the daily challenges and get your hands on new branded outfits and accessories. You can also join other shopaholics and create unique trends. Prepare for photoshoots and parties.

2. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

This is quite a popular game, not only for adults but young kids as well. Based on the lives of the Kardashians, the game involves you living a star life, become a celebrity, attend photo shoots, style yourself up, meet new photographers, new celebrities and make connections with them.

Become the next top model of Los Angeles. Go to expensive clothing stores, fashion boutiques, cocktail parties, luxury mansions, travel to big cities like New York and Miami. Get into a relationship with good-looking celebrities.

3. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena

Another game for shopaholics and fashionistas is Lady Popular: Fashion Arena. Choose your character according to your own preference. Get to try on some great outfits, fashion accessories, shoes, and bags. Rock in your gorgeous outfits, feature in advertisings, and experience a lot more fun playing the fashion freak you’re.

4. Fashion Fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is a very unique adult dress-up game that lets you create a style of your own. Compete with your friends and see who has the best fashion sense amongst your circle. Customize your facial features, hairstyles, eye colors and set a trend of your own on Fashion Fantasy.

5. Mystic Prince Dress Up

Mystic Dress-up is a male adult dress-up game and especially for anime freaks. This game has a mystic prince who you will have to style and dress up. Create your dream prince and choose how he would look like. Change his facial features, eye colors, and structure as per your preference.

6. Superstar Family – Celebrity Fashion

Ever dreamt of becoming a stylist? Superstar Family lets you achieve your dream in a fun way. Jump into the fashion showbiz, and style the entire superstar family like a professional stylist. Create beautiful outfits from over 200 outfits to choose from. Show your fashion sense and glam onto the outfits.

7. Fashion Empire – Boutique Sim

Another game for aspiring stylists is Fashion Empire which by far the biggest fashion boutique simulation game for adults. You will have a model to work on, style her for 6 different events like prom night, a wedding, film awards, concerts, and beauty contests. Get your hands on high-end fashion outfits, branded skirts, shirts, dresses, and fashion accessories.

8. Fashion Superstar Dress Up

Fashion Superstar Dress-Up wants you to design a glamourous dress, decide the detailing, the color, the prints, just like a professional fashion designer. You can also add prints and pictures from your device onto the dress. Fascinating isn’t it? Try on the clothes designed by you on Fashion Superstar Dress-Up!

9. Fashion Fever 2

Create your own fashion world on Fashion Fever 2. Create your own model as you want it to be, decide their facial features, and design their clothes. Work on their make-up and overall look. Create amazing looks and flaunt your fashion sense to your friends.

10. College Girl Team Makeover

If you’re a college student or love casuals and sporty fashion sense, College Girl Team Makeover is the one for you. Try on rocking college outfits that bring out your sporty self. Choose your favorite make-up and hairstyle trends and become the talk of the town.

20 Adult Dress Up Games: Free Download

Here is a complete list of all the 20 best Dress Up and Fashion Games for adults.

  1. Fashion Fantasy
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Fashion Empire
  4. Super Stylist
  5. Covet Fashion
  6. Dress Up Game Stylist
  7. Love Nikki
  8. College Girl Team Makeover
  9. Fashion Fever
  10. Trendy Stylist
  11. Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up
  12. Sophie Fashionista
  13. High School Couple: Girl Boy Makeover
  14. ItGirl
  15. Fashion Show Dtess-Up
  16. Glamdiva: International Fashion Stylist Dressup
  17. International Fashion Stylist
  18. Celebrity Fashion Makeover
  19. GLAMM’D
  20. Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars


Get your glam out with these amazing adult dress-up games that will keep your creative sense of fashion alive. Explore this range of fashion games that feature some high-end branded outfits, expensive make-up, and top-notch models that are going to rock the ramp. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.

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