How To Get Ye Suhua In Dislyte

Get Ye Suhua In Dislyte: While Dislyte has many Espers, finding the ideal one may be difficult. If you don’t have the correct individuals in your team, it might be tough to strike the right balance between the four primary roles in the game. 

While Controllers seem to be the finest, Support Espers are vital to the match’s success. These Espers may aid your team with their offence and debuffs. 

Ye Suhua, the embodiment of Shao Siming in Dislyte, is one of these Espers. If you’re not sure how to obtain her, here’s how to get her and utilize her properly in the game.

How to Get Ye Suhua (Shao Siming) In-Game on Dislyte

To get Ye Suhua, you must first complete the Ripple Dimensions in Dislyte. As a boss Esper, you’ll have to confront her many times before you can genuinely obtain her. Did I mention a select few? I had a lot to say. 

To collect enough Ye Suhua Ripple pieces, you must challenge Ye Suhua at least 30 times. And she isn’t always there when you enter the Ripple Dimensions. 

But we have faith in you! Ye Suhua appears often enough to be effectively farmed. Scroll down to find out how to access the Dislyte Ripple Dimension and get it.

How can you go into Dislyte’s Ripple Dimensions?

To access the Ripple Dimensions and confront Ye Suhua in Dislyte, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Trials Tab
  • Scroll down until you reach Ripple Dimensions game mode. Riffle Dimensions game mode.
  • Enter the Ripple Dimensions

The mode seldom spawns, so be cautious. It also only generates for a short amount of time. The buddy who created the Ripple will be alerted when one is produced. 

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The same will happen in fifteen minutes in the Global chat. Players may join by clicking on the notice there. 

But act quickly! Fight and defeat Ye Suhua in the Dislyte Ripple Dimensions. You won’t be able to remain in this dimension for much longer.

If you wish to make your own Ripple Dimensions, you’ll need to cultivate Ritual and Sonic Miracles. Set your fight mode to Multi battle. 

Look towards the bottom of the challenge if you can’t locate it. This is preferable to just going through 10 bouts at once. You can construct and join your Ripple Dimensions, albeit it will take some time. 

In Dislyte, you may now face Ye Suhua and gather her pieces without dealing with anybody else.