How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft? [3 Simple Steps]

Minecraft has a lot of creatures that you can pet or befriend to accompany you. One of them is the Fox, and to tame a Fox in Minecraft, you need to know and do a lot of things properly. If you are interested in finding and having a cute little Fox as your pet in Minecraft, this is the perfect guide for you.

Here, I will guide you on how to tame a Fox in Minecraft. Along with this, I will explain everything about the Foxes in Minecraft including their location, types, behavior, and more. Once you know all these, befriending a foxy is going to easy for you.

How to Tame a Fox in Minecraft Easily?

Minecraft has a lot of animals that you can tame. You can have a dog as your friend, or a purry cat resting at your home. You can also have farm animals like sheep, pigs, cows, and run your own farm. One of the available animals in Minecraft is a Fox. A Fox is a nocturnal mob that you can find in the wilds in Minecraft. These fluffy creatures are hard to find but worth the effort.

Having a cute little Fox as your pet feels amazing. It is one of the unique pets that you can have in Minecraft.Although you need to do a little hard work in order to tame a Fox in Minecraft. This guide will help you to do that. Just keep following the instructions that I have given.

Step-1: Find & Choose a Fox in Taiga Biomes

The first thing you need to do is find and choose a Fox that you’d like to tame. These little beasts reside in the Taiga biomes. So, you need to go there to locate them. These biomes are colder forests available on the surface and have three varieties:

  1. Normal Taigas
  2. Snowy Taigas
  3. Giant Tree Taigas

You can find foxes in these areas in groups of two to four. They also have a 5% chance of spawning as baby foxes. There are two types of Foxes in Minecraft- Red Foxes, and Arctic/White Foxes. So first, choose the type that you want to tame.

Once you have decided, start finding them. Red Foxes can be found in Normal and Giant Tree Taigas while the Arctic Foxes live in Snowy Taigas. Arctic foxes are harder to spot in the snowy areas. Both of them are nocturnal, so you should go looking for them at night.

Sometimes, Foxes can also be found in Taiga villages (snowy and normal) as they come down there to prey on chicken. So, you can try your luck there. Also, if you are very lucky, your fox could spawn holding an item like general, rabbit foot, etc. There is a 20% chance of that.

Step-2: Try to Tame a Fox with Sweet Berry

Once you have found foxes, you have to try to tame it. To tame a fox, you need to create a whole new fox by convincing two foxes to breed. To do that, you have to give one sweet berry to one fox and then give another sweet berry to the fox with whom you want the previous one to mate. Foxes are shy just like in real life, so you may need to do this a couple of times before they trust you and don’t sneak away.

The little-hearts that bloom above the foxes indicate that they have received your gift and love it. Once they start breeding, just wait for the baby fox to hatch. This newborn fox will automatically be loyal to you. You can feed it a sweet berry to increase that. But, it will still want to follow its parents and other foxes.

Note: If you are breeding a white and a red fox, then there are 50% chances of the baby being either white or red. It’ll be completely random.

There is one more step that you must follow to tame it completely.

Step-3: Make a Lead & Take Your Fox Away From Other Foxes

The newly-hatched fox will be loyal to you but it will also keep following other foxes. This could be an issue. So, you must tame it completely. To do that, get a “lead.” You can find leads out in the wild but not every time. You can simply craft it by using four strings and one slimeball.

After having a lead, you have to attach it to your baby fox and walk it away from the other groups of foxes.

You can take it anywhere you want. It must be far enough that it doesn’t have to follow his group. Once you are far enough, it’ll have his eyes only for you.

Other Notable Things to Know About Foxes in Minecraft

Now that you know where to find and tame a fox in Minecraft, you should also know other notable things about them in order to be a good parent. Here are some other things that you should know about Foxes:

  • Boxes prefer to sleep during the day time. They find a space with a skylight level of 14 or less to sleep, if there isn’t a thunderstorm approaching. They can drop and pick up items even while sleeping.

  • If they don’t find an area to sleep, they’ll sit for some time and then hop back up.
  • Wild wolves attempt to attack foxes. So, protect them from those. If you play the Bedrock edition, you also need to protect them from Polar bears.

  • Foxes move very quickly around nearby players and wolves.
  • When a fox is killed while holding a totem of undying, then the fox consumes the totem and revives itself.

  • They drop 1-2 experience orbs when they die. Killing baby fox yields no experience.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when you tame a fox in Minecraft.

Final Take

Foxes are a little hard to find but worth having, especially Arctic foxes. This is how you tame a fox in Minecraft. Here is a quick overview of everything written above- find two foxes in Taiga biomes, make them breed by giving them both sweet berries, and wait for the baby to hatch. The newborn baby will automatically be loyal to you. Just walk it away and you’ll successfully tame it completely.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. If you need any other help related to Minecraft, let me know in the comments.