Destiny Child Tier List- PvP, PvE, Raids & World Boss

Destiny Child is a highly addictive card collecting RPG that you can keep playing for hours. It features a long list of characters (Child) that you have to use in different modes. For new or returning players, it can be very confusing to pick the right ones. That’s why we are sharing an accurate Destiny Child Tier List here.

By referring to this list, you can know about the Tiers, Roles, and Abilities of every Child. You should always pick the right Child for every mode in order to be a victor. This tier list will help you to do that. So, if you are always confused about which child to pick on your side, your confusion ends here.

Destiny Child- A Highly Addictive Card Collecting RPG

Destiny  Child is a widely popular gacha card collection mobile game. This battle game features multiple modes like PVP, Boss Battles, and even a Strategic Mode. You have to use the different Child(s) available in the game. It is a Japanese game that have beautiful visuals, an intriguing play style, and unique characters. Along with this, new characters and Soulcards are frequently added to the game.

Due to this, it could be very confusing for anyone to decide which “Child” should they play with. Especially, if you are a newbie or a returning player, you will have a hard time deciding your team. Choosing the right Child is essential to beat the game as every character comes with certain aspects and abilities.

In such situations, a well-curated “Tier List” is all you need. If you don’t know what it is, I have explained that below. And, if you are aware of it, you can quickly jump to the Tiers or Rankings to find your favorite child.

What is a Destiny Child Tier List?

Destiny Child consists of a long list of characters termed as “Child” that have different uses. The Destiny Child Tier List ranks all the Children in different tiers based on their roles and abilities. By ranking them against each other, one can have an idea of which one is better than the other, and which ones are the worst.

Example of a PvP Mode Tier List

The list consists of different tiers from S to F, with S being the most powerful and the F being the weakest. You just have to give a thorough look at the list in order to understand the game meta better.

Destiny Child Tier List For 2021- All Childs Ranked

Now let’s quickly move to the updated Tier List for Destiny Child. In this tier list, we will rank all the characters from the best to worst in various tiers. All of them are ranked based on their uses and performances in different modes. Ideally, the S Tier Children will be all-rounders and good to go in any mode while the F Tier ones will be their opposites.

To keep things simple, I will rank only the Main variation of the Child here. This will help you understand how effective they are in different categories.

S Tier Child

Th S Tier consists of the most powerful Children in the game. These characters will be very useful in any mode you are playing. They can take down your opponents single-handedly in the PvP battles. If you have a party full of S Tier Childs, you will be nothing less than invincible.

  • Chang’e- Attacker
  • Eve- Attacker
  • Pomona- Healer
  • Maat- Healer
  • Mona- Tank
  • Dana- Tank
  • Saturn- Attacker
  • Neptune- Support
  • Bathory- Debuffer

A Tier Child

The A Tier Children are very powerful but they lack some aspects that make them a bit less useful in certain modes. They can be as good as the S Tier Childs in the modes they thrive in. You should pick them in your party to deal damage, shield your team, and build combination tactics.

  • Krampus- Attacker
  • Charlotte- Attacker
  • Eve- Attacker
  • Astraea- Healer
  • Syrinx- Healer
  • Thanatos- Attacker
  • Bastet- Attacker
  • Siren- Attacker
  • Thisbe- Attacker
  • Pantheon- Support
  • Mars- Tank
  • Olga- Debuffer

B Tier Child

The B Tier Children are good but only in certain modes. You can’t play with them in any mode, especially in PvP. They will not be able to take down top-tier characters. Still, you can use them in your party if the opponent has a team of lower-tier Childs. They can perform well if you know how to use them properly.

  • Abaddon- Attacker
  • Nicole- Attacker
  • Khepri- Attacker
  • Mafdet- Attacker
  • Jacheongbi- Attacker
  • Medb- Attacker
  • Serval- Attacker
  • Cleopatra- Attacker
  • Leda- Support
  • Rita- Debuffer
  • Jupiter- Debuffer
  • Isolde- Debuffer
  • Durandal- Support
  • Snow Miku- Support
  • Aria- Support
  • Naias- Support
  • Deino- Healer
  • Ayane- Attacker
  • Athena- Attacker
  • Demeter- Attacker
  • Frey- Attacker
  • Elizabeth- Attacker
  • Krampus- Attacker
  • Tamamo- Debuffer
  • Daphne- Healer
  • Tiamat- Tank
  • Hildr- Debuffer

C Tier Child

The C Tier Children are average in terms of looks and performance. If you have a certain likeness to any of these, you can add them to your party. However, they won’t be as useful as the higher-tier characters once you progress in the game. They can be easily taken down by the S or A tier Childs.

  • Epona
  • Tyrving
  • Leo
  • Eshu
  • Cain
  • Wodan
  • Banshee
  • Racoon
  • Ailill
  • Lista
  • Giltine
  • Rusalka
  • Rose
  • Failnaught
  • Moa
  • Luna
  • Kubaba
  • Iphis
  • Katherine
  • Dave
  • Ziva
  • Midas
  • Anemone
  • Davi
  • Metis
  • Hades
  • Palla
  • Bari
  • Annie
  • Calypso
  • Kasumi
  • Brownie
  • Myrina
  • Verdelet
  • Nine
  • Marie Rose
  • Hestia
  • Frej
  • Eochaid
  • Makoto

D Tier Child

The D Tier Children are considered bad by the professionals. Rookie players often use them as they don’t have any other choice. But as soon as progress in the game, you can replace them with the higher tier Childs. Some of these may help you to progress quickly in the beginning if you find the perfect combos.

  • Sidhe
  • Honoka
  • Limos
  • Mammon
  • Venus
  • Neamhain
  • Keino
  • Pan
  • Rin
  • Nusi
  • Fei
  • Doryeong
  • Morgan
  • Luin
  • Billy
  • Catherine
  • Sytry
  • Babel
  • Diablo
  • Brigid
  • Ganesha
  • Aurora
  • Nirrti
  • Hermes
  • Ashtoreth

E & F Tier Child

The E & F Tier Children are considered the worst and players often avoid using them. These Childs do not have multiple uses and can be used in a very limited manner. Most of them are good for nothing and will only impact the team adversely. I won’t recommend picking them up. But, the final decision is yours.

  • Claus
  • Thetis
  • Horus
  • Cross
  • Hera
  • Fennec

Top 10 Destiny Child Ranking For Every Mode

To help you be a lot precise on which child you shall pick for a specific mode, here are the top 10 Destiny Child rankings. You can focus on these to find the best performing character in any mode, whether it is PvE, PvP, Raids, or World Boss.

Have fun!

Final Verdict

Destiny Child is a very interesting gacha card collecting battle game. It has a very intriguing list of Children, exciting visuals, and addictive gameplay that will make you play it for hours on your mobile. Now you know which child you shall choose for your party. By forming a perfect team, you can take down any opponent and be the lone victor.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you enough. Don’t forget to comment on which Child is your favorite in Destiny Child and why.