Google Teases New Google Glasses with Translation Features

Google Glasses with Translation Features: Google introduced a slew of new hardware and software features at its I/O 2022 event and sneak peeks at forthcoming devices, including the Pixel Watch, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel 7 series. While it may seem that the long run of hardware product previews has come to an end, one more item has been teased: a new pair of Google Glasses. Before wrapping off the event, the business gave us a sneak peak at its future smart eyewear. Here are the specifics:

Google Confirms New Google Glasses with Translation Features Coming!

Before wrapping off Friday night’s program, Google spoke about further advancements in augmented reality, displaying the “prototype” of Google Glasses. The corporation didn’t reveal the name for reasons best known to them, but the video demonstrated how it might function.

Translation and Google Assistant integration are the two key features of Google’s second smart glasses. It is thought to aid in the real-time transcription and translation of what someone speaks in their favorite language. The goal is to “tear through linguistic barriers” by combining Google Translate’s skills with years of study.

The Google Spectacles seem like any other pair of large glasses, and they appear to be influenced by North’s Focals. This seems reasonable, given that Google bought the firm in 2020. You can see the glasses in action in the video below.

The smart glasses’ additional capabilities are yet to be revealed. On the other hand, Google’s planned scene exploration function may be combined with the glasses. Users will be able to scan their phone’s camera and utilize the multi-search tool using this feature.

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While Google has teased a pair of glasses to resurrect its position in the market and do things right this time. We’re not sure whether this will become a reality. As of yet, Google has made no promises, so don’t hold your breath for this product to arrive alongside (or later) the previewed ones.

Remember, Google released its first pair of smart glasses in 2014, potentially executing hands-free activities, but they failed to impress the public and died young. It will be interesting to watch how Google’s second try at smart glasses (which has once again become a hot issue in the IT world) turns out.

We’ll update you as soon as we learn more about the Google Glasses with Translation Features. So keep tuned, and let us know what you think about this potential Google product in the comments section below.