Classic Capture the Flag Mode Is Added to Quake in a New Update.

The early years of the first-person shooter genre were a joy for many older gamers, particularly those who played on PC. FPS games like Quake and Doom were very inventive and impactful and continue to have an influence today.

A remastered upgrade was provided to the latter last year, and a fresh patch has recently been released that adds another significant gameplay element.

The capture-the-flag mode has been added to classic Quake in a recent update available through Steam. Its 1996 initial release under the name “Threewave CTF” came soon after the game itself and significantly impacted multiplayer and first-person shooter games in general.

If you’ve never played a CTF game, the goal is to take the enemy’s flag and carry it back to your base while attempting to protect your flag. Since those early days, several games have included this feature, with games like Call of Duty, Halo Infinite, and Overwatch including their capture the flag competitions.

With its predecessor Doom, Quake was a pioneer in multiplayer deathmatches. Although competing against other players in an online battle didn’t truly take off for the game until 1998, during these formative years, when internet use in households began to increase, the concept of multiplayer PC gaming started to experience a spike in popularity.

Although it’s pretty standard now, back then, many gamers were just getting started with online gaming, which was sparked by games like Quake’s capture the flag.

Quake received a remaster last year, as was previously stated. It was given some recent improvements, but it still has the same appearance as when it was produced more than 25 years ago. For example, its aesthetics were updated to bring them into the present day, including better lighting. It also included the authorised add-ons and reintroduced Trent Reznor’s eerie music.

In celebration of QuakeCon, Bethesda is presently offering huge discounts on a tonne of titles for anyone who has yet to experience this significant FPS.

All Quake games, Doom, and other vintage shooters like Hexen and Heretic are included in this. It sounds like a good idea to start playing some older video games immediately.