Alone in the Dark Remake Release Date for PS5, Xbox X & PC

That was undoubtedly rapid. Alone in the Dark was the first item made public during the THQ Nordic presentation.

Apart from the leaks, there isn’t much information available just now, but keep checking Gamer Journalist for updates as more details become available. The original tale goes like this.

It would seem that the famous series Alone in the Dark is returning if leaks are to be believed. Furthermore, it can be here much sooner than you anticipate.

Although it hasn’t been publicly revealed, it is widely considered to be included at the THQ Nordic showcase.

One of the first people to talk about and share screenshots of a new Alone in the Dark was AestheticGamer on Twitter. They said that the scenario was authored by Mikael Hedberg, who also wrote SOMA and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and that the game would run on the PS5.

It seems to be styled similarly to the previously released Resident Evil 2 remake, if not identically. Additionally, this is a fantastic moment to be a fan of survival horror since Dead Space will shortly be redone.

AestheticGamer also disclosed additional information regarding the game’s plot in addition to these specifics. The deep south in the 1920s is purportedly the setting for the overlapping tales starring Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood.

As the protagonists of the original Alone in the Dark, released in 1992, fans of the series will be familiar with both names.

As of this writing, there is no release date for Alone in the Dark. However, based on the AestheticGamer pictures, it may be released as soon as the following year. Amazon now has pre-orders available for interested gamers.

At this year’s THQ Nordic presentation, which will be broadcast on August 12, further information about Alone in the Dark is anticipated to be formally announced.