Capcom Is Planning an Exoprimal Closed Network Test

The company’s recent June gaming expo included several titles from Capcom’s key brands. There were multiple Resident Evil games on the list and Street Fighter 6. Exoprimal, Capcom’s forthcoming co-op multiplayer game based on an entirely new IP, was also featured prominently in the presentation. Exoprimal has a lot of promise, according to Capcom. Capcom wants gamers to check it out as soon as possible, beginning with a series of Closed Network Tests.

Exoprimal is no exception. Closed Network Tests are confined to a small number of players with the sole purpose of evaluating particular technological components of a game, and Exoprimal is no exception.

Fans of Capcom may sign up for an invitation on the official Exoprimal website; however, they will be limited. These testing will “enhance the quality” of Exoprimal to give a “smooth gaming experience” upon launch, according to Capcom.

Exoprimal will also be available for the first time to Capcom fans at this event. It’s a chance to test what type of game Capcom can make in a genre where the company has no prior expertise. Now that it’s been proven that Exoprimal has nothing to do with Dino Crisis, it’s a way to see what type of dinosaur game it is (despite revolving around dinosaur crises).

For the time being, Capcom has announced three distinct Closed Network Tests for Exoprimal. Only PC gamers will be able to participate in all three testings. The first is solely for US/Canada residents and will take place in less than a month, on July 11, for three hours.

The second exam will be accessible globally on July 25 and will last six hours. The third and final test will take place on August 7 for 24 hours, providing participants a whole day to evaluate Exoprimal’s online servers.

While Capcom has only revealed these three tests so far, it does not rule out the possibility of further testing in the future.

After all, these testing will finish in August, whereas Exoprimal is set to begin in 2023. Capcom may conduct more beta testing in the lead-up to the game’s release to raise anticipation.

Even before these Closed Network Tests happen, there’s still much to say about Exoprimal. The exact scope of information accessible in the tests and whether or not the participants in them will be allowed to talk publicly are yet unknown.

Regardless, there’s a lot of excitement developing for what’s quickly becoming one of Capcom’s most anticipated future titles, and any chance to learn more about it will be appreciated.