Call of Duty: Warzone cheaters are on the rise,

Call of Duty: Warzone: Call of Duty unveiled Ricochet as a solution to the widespread cheating problem in the Warzone Battle Royale online game in October of last year.

Two updates came out shortly after the announcement, before the game’s official launch, one in November and another in December.

Ricochet’s kernel-level software is the core that has access to a PC’s primary functions, as long that it’s running.

Although the Ricochet team did not make any guarantees regarding the platform’s effectiveness, these types of intrusive measures are expected to help in the quick elimination of the cheating issue.

According to the creators, Riot Games’ anti-cheat for Valorant is also kernel-level and is proving to be highly efficient. The same expectation was made for this.

However, Ricochet does not seem to live up to the same standards as Riot’s efforts.

In the latest Ricochet information update, Ricochet’s Call of Duty team pointed out that, even though “cheating within Warzone was at an all-time low during the break of the holidays,” the developers are witnessing an increase in cheaters who are successful.

They also state that the “recent increase in cheating is not at the same level as that it was in Verdansk as per our research,” but “any increase is a source of frustration.”

Be aware that Riot’s announcement of their anti-cheat feature and their report of the lowest cheating rate in history took place over several months; Ricochet has only been operational for a couple of months.

Ricochet’s team demanded that users who come across cheaters keep reporting what they observe and give more details on how the platform operates.

There were no specifics to prevent cheaters from gaining an advantage.

The next test to determine whether the Ricochet system can keep cheaters out or not is the subsequent sequels in the series Warzone as well as Modern Warfare.