Wordle 301 Answer for April 16, 2022

Wordle 301 Answer: Wordle is all over the internet. It’s been all over social media and memes. One fan even created a working Wordle using Minecraft. Despite this, not everyone has played the word puzzle game. 

You may want to review the rules and get some hints for those who have not played the word puzzle game.

How to Play Wordle

Wordle can only be played in browsers via the New York Times game site. This page is about the NYTs original version of the game. The rules, hints and answers will be about it. 

There are many Wordle clones, from Pokémon-themed ones to Fortnite ones and exact copycats. However, each one may have slight variations in the rules and have different answers. These are the rules for the New York Times Wordle.

  • Players must choose from a starting Wordle word of five letters. It must be an English word.
  • Next, enter it into the NYTs website and hit Enter.
  • The letters of the beginning word will change colors to provide clues to players as to the actual answer.
  • Green is the correct color and in the right place.
  • Yellow = Correct, but at the wrong place in a word.
  • Gray is not in the Word.
  • To get the correct word, players have five more chances.
  • Some words were removed by the New York Times. Players should not use offensive words or non-American spellings as they might not work.
  • Every day, puzzles are reset at midnight local time.
  • Players will have access to the Wordlemenu after they complete the puzzle. They will have access to the spoiler-free share option, win streak, win percentage and guess distribution.

Hints for Wordle 301 April 16, 2022

Today is a very challenging word. It contains duplicate letters and has several words that are spelled the same way. These are some tips to help everyone get through the day while keeping their Wordle winning streak intact.

  • Today’s word is A body part.
  • It has two vowels, and both are the same letter.
  • Also starts with a C.
  • It has one K.
  • Rhymes with MEEK.

Answer for Wordle 301 for April 16, 2022

Warning! Below is the image that contains the complete word for Wordle‘s puzzle no. 301.

CHEEK is the answer to Wordlepuzzle301.

Wordle is available for all browsers.