Call Of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 officially confirmed for 2022

Call Of Duty: In recent times, Call of Duty: Warzone has been beset with technical issues that have kept players from enjoying the game. 

Today, the developers shared the steps they will take to address these issues moving forward and reveal what future Call of Duty games are being developed.

COD Sequels and Patches Are on the Way

In an article on their blog Warzone’s team Warzone promises to make Warzone more fun and accessible for everyone. 

To achieve this, they have provided an update on the enhancements that are coming to the game:

  • Improved performance in all types of movement, including the handling of vehicles, parachutes deployed at a lower elevation and a greater height for the player’s mantle and collision fix for players and vehicles.
  • The Gas Mask animation no longer hinders Operators from aiming down the targets.
  • When you insert Armor Plates, the plate fills the entire armour plate after filling the damaged one.

One of the most popular demands from the public has been FOV sliders on consoles.

 The team responded by explaining how a FOV slider can result in performance issues for older consoles.

The blog post was concluded with a page that provided information about the upcoming Call of Duty games. 

This year an update to the game of 2019, Modern Warfare, will be released. 

It will also include an entirely new Warzone game developed in conjunction with the sequel.

An announcement of release was not made to either title; However, the Modern Warfare sequel will likely be released later in the year, possibly in the fall.