Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord [Real-time]

If you are looking for some cool female or real-time voice changer for Discord, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will share the list of 6 Best Voice Changers that you can use on Discord while playing games with random players or your friends. Some of these are free to use while for some you have to spend some money.

So, without wasting any time, let us begin with our list of top real-time voice changers for Discord.

Best Voice Changer for Discord

Discord is the leading VoIP application used by video gamers worldwide. It specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel, and is able to run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers. If you are much into gaming, especially into multiplayer gaming, there are good chances that you already use Discord regularly.

Best Voice Changer for Discord

Voice Changer is a program that lets you change your voice while talking on Discord. A lot of streamers, professional players, and casual players use it for various purposes. Some use it to hide their identity, while some use it to have fun. Also, sometimes people use such tools to prank their friends or random players. There could be many reasons. So, here are the 6 Best Voice Changer Software for Discord that you can use this year and beyond.

1. MorphVOX 

MorphVOX is a popular realtime voice changer for Discord used by a lot of players globally. It has a free version known as MorphVOX Junior and a paid version known as MorphVOX Pro. Both versions have all the basic features that you’ll need. The pro version, obviously, has an edge over the free one in terms of features. You can use MorphVOX to sound like a man, woman, or even a kid.

There is a good collection of built-in voices and sound effects that you can use to have fun. It offers the best voice-learning technology, sound quality, and background cancellation. If you just want to disguise your voice to trick your friends or random players, you can stick to the junior version. However, if you are a professional who regularly needs a voice changing tool, you can opt for the pro version.

2. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is a real-time voice changing software that anyone can use to change their voice. This one also comes with a free and a paid version. The free one is available for home use only while you can purchase the paid license for commercial purposes. There are available voices of man, woman, boy, girl, robot, and more. You can also use them on existing recorder audio files to use them as a sound editing tool.

The user interface is also very simple. Even beginners can use it without any difficulty. Although there are advanced features also available whenever you need them. For casual use, you can use the free version and have fun with various built-in voices and sound effects. Or, if you want to use it professionally, you can go for Voxal Voice Changer Plus which costs $29.99.

3. Voice changer with effects

Voice Changer with Effects is a wonderful voice changing app for Android. If you are a mobile gamer, you are definitely going to love this app. It is free to use, hence anyone can use it without any hesitation. It doesn’t even consume a lot of space. There are lots of unique voice presets like a kid, alien, robot, etc. One of my personal built-in voice of this app is the sound where you speak like you just inhaled helium from a balloon.

You can use this app to record your voice and apply any preferred effect onto it. Also, you can preview and modify the sound clip if you want to make some changes. Once you are satisfied, you can share it anywhere you want like Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. This app has over 50 Million downloads on the Play Store, so it is a pretty popular one.

4. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is a very popular software for Windows. A lot of professional players and streamers use this tool to change their voice. It offers real-time voice changing in extremely good quality, and you can also use it to record your tuned voice. You can even edit the recording in various waveforms to make it appear the closest to reality. There are cool voice presets of a deep voice, high pitch voice, the voice of kids, and many such voices. You can use any voice in place of yours.

The interface is also simple and even beginners can easily use it. This is one of the most useful tools while playing RPG games, Battle Royale, or using web chat apps. It comes in 3 different versions- Basic, Gold, Diamond. You can pick either of these depending upon your needs and budget. Also, they offer a ‘Free Trial‘ that you can use to know about this voice changer better.

5. ClownFish

ClownFish is an amazing voice changing software for discord with a very fancy name. It is available to use on Windows and anyone can use it to change their voice. The ClownFish software is installed at the system level, hence any application that has a microphone enabled can use it to modify the input audio. You can use it to change your voice on Discord, and also on certain other platforms like Steam, Mumble, Twitch, Skype, etc. It has some very useful voice presets like girly voice, kid’s voice, alien voice, robot voice, and many more.

The UI of the app is also very simple. Anyone can easily understand it at first glance only. The best part is that this amazing tool is completely free to use.

6. VoiceMod

VoiceMod program is widely known for the variety of voice presets and sound effects it offers. There are literally hundreds of unique and fun voices that you can use instead of your real one. You can absolutely use it with Discord, but also use it with other popular platforms Skype, Mumble, etc. Apart from that, this tool is compatible to work with multiplayer games like PUBG and Fortnite. It has the best collection of voices for the users.

The UI is also easy to understand and self-explanatory. There are also advanced features available like customizing the voice presets by tuning, and previewing your recorded voice. The only limitation of using VoiceMod is that it is not completely free to use. You have to pay an amount of $14.99 but the money spent is worth the services. Also, you can use the ‘Free trial‘ that they offer in order to decide whether you want to spend money or not.

Final Words

These are the 6 Best Voice Changer for Discord that you can use to change your voice. If you know about some more good voice changing programs, do tell me in the comment section below. Also, for any queries, or suggestions, you can catch up to me there. I hope this post helps you enough.