Roblox Jailbreak Codes: Full List for 2021

Jailbreak codes, more specifically Roblox Jailbreak ATM codes are essential for the regular players. They make the game even more interesting as they provide you free rewards. You can use the rewards, generally, cash, to get the gears or skins you dream of. If you are looking to pile up loads of cash in the game, this post is going to help you.

Here, I will tell you about all Jailbreak Codes that you can use to redeem exciting rewards. Additionally, I will also guide you with their redemption and provide all the essential information about them.

What are Jailbreak Codes?

Jailbreak is a widely loved game among the Roblox universe. This game allows you to either be a good guy and catch the robbers or be a bad one and rob yourself. You can either plan the ultimate raid or heist. It’s all up to you. In either role, you will need a lot of JB cash (money) to buy gears, vehicles, or cosmetics. It makes the gameplay even more intriguing.

The two simplest ways to get cash in Jailbreak is by playing and redeeming the Jailbreak codes in the ATM. The first one everyone knows but the second way isn’t mainstream. Jailbreak Codes in the Roblox Jailbreak game are special codes that provide you free rewards when you use them. They are like the cheat-codes to get instant gifts in the game.

These codes can be of any length or format and are provided by the developers for their loyal players. You can get a lot of cash by redeeming them in the ATMs. The ATMs were introduced to the game in the 2018 Winter update. These codes have become a mainstay ever since.

Why are they useful for Jailbreak Players?

If you are a Jailbreak player, you can redeem Jailbreak codes in the ATM to get instant rewards that are generally cash. Then, you can use the JB cash to buy better gear, new vehicles, or simply customize your ride with new paints and cosmetics. There are a lot of things you can do with some free cash.

If you are saving up to buy a Volt Bike or even a Jet, the Jailbreak codes will really help you to buy the items of your dreams. And, the codes aren’t even a one-time thing. The game keeps getting new codes every month or two. So, you can regularly use them to get interesting things for free.

How to Use Jailbreak Codes to Get Free Rewards?

Redeeming Jailbreak codes is actually simple and straightforward when you know the right steps. A lot of people find it tricky as they don’t know the steps involved. If you want to learn, how to use Jailbreak codes in the ATM in Jailbreak, follow the simple steps mentioned below.

Step-1: Launch the game and start playing. Head over to the nearest ATM. The ATMs are in-game locations that help you to redeem codes to get XP, cash, vehicle customizations, tokens, or Rocket fuel. You can find them inside the Bank, Gas Station 1, Police Station 1, Police Station 2, and Train Station 1.

The simplest way to find them is to start playing as a Cop and you’ll find it in your Police Station.

Step-2: Once you have reached an ATM, interact with it until you see the ‘Enter Code’ box on the screen.

Step-3: When you find it, copy a code from the list present below and paste it in the ‘Enter Code’ box. You can also type the code manually if have trouble pasting it.

Note: The codes are not case sensitive. So, if the code is xyz, you can enter XYZ or XyZ, and it will still work.

Step-4: After entering the code, click on Redeem. After that, wait for a couple of seconds.

That’s it. The reward will be added to your profile then. If you have got cash, it will instantly start reflecting in your account, and if you have got anything else, you can find it in the inventory.

Full list of Roblox Jailbreak Codes [Active + Expired]

The developers keep releasing new codes from time to time. So, you should always keep looking for the news and use them at the earliest as they may expire in a short span. I’m listing here all the working codes, so you can use them before they expire. And, I will also add the expired ones, so you get to know which ones are no longer of use.

Active Jailbreak Codes

Unfortunately, most of the working codes have already expired as of now. The last code to expire was “5Days” that provided 7,500 cash on redemption. It expired on 31st July 2020. Jailbreak has already released its ‘August update’ and we may soon get new Jailbreak codes to redeem.

Until then, we have a few active codes to redeem and will have to wait for the new ones. As soon as we get the new codes, we will add them here. Here are the active codes to use.

  • Cargo: Use this to code to get 7,500 cash.
  • threeyears: Use this to code to get 10,000 cash.
  • onehour: Use this to code to get 25, 000 cash.
  • countdown: Use this to code to get 5,000 cash.
  • minimustang: Use this to code to get 10,000 cash.
  • feb2020: Use this to code to get 10,000 cash.

Make sure you redeem them at the earliest.

Expired Roblox Jailbreak Codes

Here are the Jailbreak codes that used to work in the past but now they have expired. You can still try redeeming them and who knows you’d encounter a miracle. But, they won’t work for the majority of players.

  • 5Days: It provided 7,500 cash.
  • stayhealthy: It provided 5000 cash.
  • healthy: It provided 7,500 cash.
  • test: It provided 1,000 cash.
  • refreshed: It provided 7,500 cash.
  • jetmissiles: It provided 10,000 cash.
  • Facebook1000: It provided 1,000 cash.

  • leaves: It provided 5,000 cash.
  • JAILBREAKHD: It provided 3000 cash.
  • SuperReader: It provided 3000 cash.
  • THANKYOU: It provided 2500 cash.
  • reachforthesky: It provided 7,500 cash.
  • QUANTUM: It provided 5000 cash.
  • TenK: It provided 10,000 cash.
  • ROYALE: It provided 1 Royal Token.
  • MovieMint: It provided 6500 cash.
  • threebillionparty: It provided 3 billion tires.
  • WEWILLTAKEOVER: It provided an Armor and a Texture Skin.

  • DISCO: It rewarded 7000 cash.
  • jailbreaktwoyears: It provided 8,500 cash.
  • FIREFIGHTER: It provided 5,000¬†cash.
  • reachforthesky: It provided 7,500 cash.
  • SickDay: It provided 8,000 cash.
  • EXPERTREADER: It provided 5,000 cash.
  • Light: It provided 5,000 cash.

See, how many rewards you have missed already. Don’t miss more and stay updated with us.

Final Words

Jailbreak codes are very useful as they provide great rewards and cash to the players. You can use them by going to the ATM and redeem the rewards to get the items you have wanted ever since you started playing. These are all the working as well as expired codes currently. The developers keep releasing new ones, once we get them, we’ll update the list present above. Make sure you keep visiting us to always find the new codes.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your opinions or doubts regarding anything mentioned here. I’ll gladly listen to you and will respond at the soonest.