Xbox Game Pass added two new games.

Members of Xbox Game Pass can play many PC and Xbox games for a low monthly fee.

Ultimate members also get the “Games with Gold” promotion each month.

However, games come and go from the service. Titanfall is leaving today, and four other games left the service the day before.

Xbox Game Pass also added two new games on March 1st.

Thanks to a new deal, subscribers now get to play Far: Changing Tides and Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Cloud Gaming for free.

A long-running game series that started in 1982 came back to life after a long time away from the public.

One of the best-known flight simulators came out for PC and Xbox Series X/S in 2020.

Among the two games, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the one that needs a little introduction.

On Game Pass for console and PC, Microsoft Flight Simulator already worked.

Cloud gaming didn’t work until this week. To make things even better, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now play the game on their phones, tablets, and Xbox One.

This is in addition to the next-generation consoles.

In the meantime, a new game called Chasing Tides has been getting a lot of good reviews in the last few days.

It’s a survival game for cars. The game is made by a Swiss company called Okomotive.

It has a similar format to its previous game, Far: Lone Sails. This means that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be pleased with the deal they’re getting.

A small boy named Toe is in charge of going around a flooded world looking for a new place to live.

They solve challenging puzzles and find resources to keep and improve Toe’s ship.

On the other hand, Changing Tides changes Lone Sails’ sea of sand for a sea of water.

Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will use Cloud Gaming with the game. PC and console versions of the game were released today.

As a small child, you’re exploring a world that has been washed away.

This sounds like the roguelike survival game “The Flame in the Flood,” which came out in 2016.

People who have Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate can keep the older game for free right now.

The last group now has a great chance to compare the two games.

Microsoft must have thought about this when it added The Flame in the Flood to March’s Games with the Gold lineup.

Far: Chasing Tides sells for about $20, while Microsoft Flight Simulator costs $60, which is about the same price.

On the other hand, Game Pass for PC or Console costs $10 a month after the free trial.

Game Pass Ultimate costs about $15 a month after the free trial.

This is the complete version of the service.