Who Is the Best Legend in Apex Legends?

Best Legend in Apex Legends: Apex Legends currently has an extensive cast that keeps expanding season after season. With so many possibilities, I’m sure you’re wondering who the greatest Legend in Apex Legends is.

Who Is the Most Useful Legend in Apex Legends?

First and foremost, it should be noted that there is no one “greatest” Legend on the roster since it is separated into four classes, each of which focuses on a distinct part of the game. We’ve also covered if you’re seeking the top Legends in the game.

However, if I had to choose one to rank above the others, I’d go with Gibraltar as the finest Apex Legends Legend.

Gibraltar is the best option. What sets him apart from the rest of the lineup is his ability to keep the whole squad alive in even the most chaotic scenarios.

He can absorb 5% less damage than most other characters because of his Fortified status. He’ll live even longer if he uses his Passive Ability Gun Shield. His Tactical and Ultimate Abilities flourish when it comes to ensuring the safety of the whole squad.

Although Mad Maggie has brought a counter to the Dome of Protection, Gibraltar’s dome shield is very helpful. When you need a second to recover, regroup, and devise a rapid strategy.

May use the Defensive Bombardment Ultimate on both offense and defense. It showers down explosive shots from the skies across a broad area, scattering most opponents and providing your team the choice of attacking or retreating.

That covers all you need to know about best Legend in the game. To view our Apex Legends coverage, check out the other articles.