What Is PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan 2.0?

PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan 2.0: Competitive: PUBG Mobile is a competitive game where players fight to be the last one alive. Sadly, this has led to a lot of cheating and hacking in the game. Auto-aim hacks, X-Ray Vision, and speed hacks are just some things that can be done with these kinds of hacks.

 Then again, PUBG Mobile has been taking a hard line against people who cheat to get ahead in the game. Steps have been made in that direction. PUBG Mobile Ban Pan 2.0 is another step in that direction.

The Ban Pan was added to PUBG in 2019 to stop hackers and cheaters from taking over the game. As part of this move, the developers shut down many accounts to make the game more fun. With PUBG Mobile Ban Pan 2.0, the developers will do even more to make sure that everyone has a fair gaming experience. Let’s look at all the new things this Ban Pan will have.

Ban Pan 2.0: What can we expect from it?

The new and improved Ban Pan is adding new ways to catch people cheating in the game. People who play PUBG Mobile won’t be able to cheat because of features like Fog of War, an improved UI, an Eagle Review System, and an AI that has been improved. There are a lot of things to look at.

 Fog of War

This feature has been put in place to stop the X-Ray vision and other types of cheats. As a result of this feature, players will only get information that they can see. Any data that isn’t visible to a player won’t be synced with them. This will keep the hackers out of the picture and level the playing field.

Improved AI for the system

Additionally, the system’s artificial intelligence has been enhanced to detect unethical player activity that could be construed as cheating. This new AI will be able to tell the hackers and cheaters from the people who are playing the game the right way. Also, after the PUBG Mobile Ban Pan 2.0, the AI will be able to give penalties to people who aren’t safe.

 Eagle Review System 

It will be easier to tell if a player is cheating or not if senior investigators watch them play during a game. This PUBG Mobile Ban Pan 2.0 feature will ensure that only people who keep cheating are banned from games.

UI enhancements

A new feature will make it easier for people to report other people who they think are cheating. It will also work to resolve concerns about hacking or cheating in the game as swiftly as possible.

Players of PUBG Mobile can expect to see PUBG Mobile’s Ban Pan 2.0 added to the game in the next month.