Best Fortnite Players in the World [Rank 1 to 30]

Fortnite is the most popular game in the world. It has more than 350 million players worldwide, across various platforms. Out of those, we are going to tell you about the few best Fortnite Players in the World. If you want to know who are the players worth idolizing, this post will help you find them.

Here, I will tell you about the 30 best Fortnite Players in the World that you can take inspiration from. You can watch their gameplay closely and follow their drills to claim the #1 Victory Royale.

Best Fortnite Players in the World

Fortnite appeared in the gaming scene in 2017 with a BOOM. The incredible Battle Royale game started shattering all the records and cemented itself as the most popular game in the world in only a year. It has now become one of the biggest competitive games in the world. The prize money Fortnite keeps at stake in its tournaments is massive. To win that, the players have also upped their game and shown remarkable improvements.

We are going to rank the best Fortnite players here. The gameplay of these players is extraordinary. One could learn so many things about the game just by watching them play. These are the real Fortnite-pros that every rookie aspires to be.

1. Bugha

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf is an American 17-year-old professional Fortnite player and streamer. He is currently a part of the Sentinels e-Sports organization. Bugha shocked the world by winning the inaugural Fortnite Solo Worldcup in 2019 and bagging around $3 million. He defeated over 40 million competitors from all over the world and defeated 100 contestants in the Finals.

Bugha also won the PC Rookie Player of the Year and PC Player of the Year eSports Awards in November 2019. Since he is the defending champion, he deserves the number 1 rank. His accolades speak for his skills. We don’t need to explain how awesome a player he is. But, if you doubt, just watch him play on YouTube.

2. Benjyfishy

Benjyfishy is a 16-year old professional gamer from the UK. His real name is Benjy David Fish. This Fortnite prodigy rose to fame playing the World Cup and other major tourneys. He got fans on his side due to his passion for the game and the will to support his family through his income. He finished 14th in duos and 25th as a Solo in the World Cup 2019. His gameplay showcases the extravagant set of skills he possesses.

This young and chubby lad is widely loved among the Fortnite community. Along with his gameplay, he also has a very friendly nature that helps him to win hearts wherever he goes.

3. Ninja

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is an American Youtuber who played a major role in making Fortnite famous around the globe. Ninja isn’t a competitive player now but he has some really astonishing skills. If you’ve watched him play Fortnite, you’d know that his gameplay is on another level. He is one of the most popular gamers in the world.

Ninja may have quit playing the competitive tournaments but he is still a regular streamer. You can watch him play on YouTube. However, these days he is playing more Valorant and Call of Duty, but occasionally, you’ll find him playing Fortnite.

4. Tfue

Turner Ellis Tenney, better known by his in-game name Tfue, is another American professional streamer and e-Sports player. He is another name alongside Ninja that played a major role in taking Fortnite to the peak of popularity. He once ruled the Fortnite competitive scenario from 2018 to early 2019. Tfue has also won many Solo and Duo tournaments during the summer of 2018.

He was the most popular Fortnite player going into the World Cup 2019. However, he finished 67th in the Solo World Cup. His e-Sports career is currently stumbling a bit, but his popularity is still intact. Fans love him and that is all that matters the most.

5. Zayt

WilliamsZaytAubin is a Canadian professional e-Sports player. He is currently a part of NRG Esports North America. Zayt is a Fortnite powerhouse who has an equally smart brain. With this deadly combination and his duo partner, Saf, he has dominated a long list of tournaments, both major and minor.

Zayt also organizes practice and events for other players in NA East. So, he is widely seen as an idol player by the young minds looking to rise up in the scenario. Zayt finished 4th in the Duo World Cup 2019. He was almost winning and ruling the 1st place but got killed early in the last game.

6. Saf

Rocco “Saf” Morales is another North American player who plays for TSM NA East. He is Zayt’s Duo partner. The two played the Duo Worldcup and literally dominated everyone. They finished 4th in the tournament only because of a blunder in the last game. Saf and Zayt are known to finish top 5 in every major duo tournament since the beginning of the Fortnite e-Sports scenario.

Saf has been playing Fortnite since day 1. He is known as a mechanical player with precise building and editing skills. His consistency and courage are his key qualities.

7. EpikWhale

Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton is a well-known professional Fortnite player. He is currently a part of NRG Esports North  America West. He finished 3rd as Solo and 12th as Duo in the Fortnite World Cup 2019. EpikWhale has also performed pretty well in a lot of other tourneys as well. This has helped him to become one of the top earners of all time. If you’ll watch him play, you’d be able to learn so many things from him.

The NA West region is considered weak comparatively, but he hails from there. He is known as the strongest player in the region and one of the best in the world. I’m personally a fan of his box-fighting.

8. Mongraal

Mongraal a.ka. Kyle Jackson is a European professional e-Sports player and streamer.  He is the face of Fortnite in Europe. Mongraal has had huge success in both streaming and competitive aspects of the game. He finished 13th as a Solo and 6th as a Duo in the World Cup 2019. And, he is also one of the top Twitch streamers of 2019. You can watch him playing the game and improving every day on the stream.

When Mongraal became popular, he was just 14 years old. Still, he played the game with immense maturity and sense. The results you already know.

9. Aqua

David “Aqua” Wang is a European professional Fortnite player hailing from Austria. He is currently a part of Cooler Esports. He is the winner of the Duo World Cup 2019. Aqua won that in a dramatic fashion when he made an unexpected comeback by winning the final two games with domination alongside Nyrox. He is one of the most consistent Fortnite players.

He also won the FNCS Trio championship with Tschinken and Stompy. His skill set and game sense is an idol that everyone aspires to get. If you want to be a professional Fortnite player, be like him

10. Mr. Savage

MartinMr. SavageFoss Andersen is a widely popular professional Fortnite player hailing from Norway. He is currently a part of team 100 Thieves.EU. Mr. Savage is BenjyFishy’s duo partner. They both have been dominating the European competitive scenario since 2018. He is also a greatly loved streamer getting around 20-30K viewers on his streams daily.

You can watch him play and learn so many things about the game. His agenda is to focus on the basics and master them. With his sheer passion and brilliance, he can outclass any Fortnite player on any given day.

Top 30 Fortnite Players of All Time

Here are the top Fortnite Players of 2020

  1. Bugha
  2. Benjyfishy
  3. Ninja
  4. Tfue
  5. Zayt
  6. Saf
  7. EpikWhale
  8. Mongraal
  9. Aqua
  10. Mr. Savage
  11. Myth
  12. Bizzle
  13. Maken
  14. Clix
  15. Fray
  16. Mitr0
  17. Dakotaz
  18. SypherPK
  19. Wakie
  20. Nick Eh 30
  21. Aydan
  22. Beso
  23. Rehx
  24. Megga
  25. Andilex
  26. JannisZ
  27. Dubs
  28. Poach
  29. Nayte
  30. Lachlan

Final Take

These are the 30 best Fortnite players in the world. These players are dominant on the battlefield, mastered the art of building, and have keen eyes. Some of these are especially known to engage with their audience and entertain them through their gameplay. If you’ll start following them closely, your journey from a rookie to pro would be very quick. You’ll be able to leave many players behind.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Don’t forget to tell us who is your favorite Fortnite player out of all of them, in the comments.