This month’s Game Pass lineup includes Guardians of the Galaxy.

Game Pass lineup includes Guardians of the Galaxy: Xbox Game Pass has become a good deal for gamers who want to save money.

In the service each month, a new group of games is added.

This gives subscribers the chance to try out a wide range of genres.

This month will be no different, as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the most popular game in this month’s line-up.

Other Games Include Kentucky Route Zero and Lightning Returns

They can play “Guardians of the Galaxy” for free this month with their Game Pass.

People who like Marvel characters will be in the game. They are going on a mission to save the universe from being destroyed.

In the past, it has been nominated for awards for both its story and its music.

People who have Game Pass can play it on March 10.

Subscribers will try Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, on March 3.

You can play Far: Changing Tides and Microsoft Flight Simulator through the cloud when you sign up right now.

Also, Kentucky Route Zero, Lawn Mowing Simulator, and Young Souls will be added to Game Pass in March.

Games on Game Pass this month are Phogs, Torchlight III, and The Surge 2.

People who pay for these games will play them until March 15.

Check out Xbox’s website to learn more about how Game Pass works.