What is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Play?

What is Deep Rock Galactic Cross-Play? Today marks the launch of Deep Rock Galactic for PlayStation consoles. 

It’s also free if you’re an existing PlayStation Plus subscriber.

Since it’s been available since the beginning of 2018 for Xbox consoles, it’s great to know where it’s at now with a brand new port to a flashy console. 

The first thing we’ll look at is the possibility of cross-play with Deep Rock Galactic.

Is there Cross-Play within Deep Rock Galactic?

There’s good and bad news, based on your preference for a console. 

This means that anyone with a PS5 can play with a friend who has PS4 or PS4.

 Some games don’t support this (or aren’t doing it correctly when they launch).

 It’s an excellent way to bridge the gap between generations.

In the case of Xbox Players, buying the game through Microsoft Store guarantees it will be compatible with both PC and Xbox because it is one of those Play Anywhere titles.

 But, this doesn’t mean that the Xbox player can play with a person who purchases the game from outside Microsoft Store.

 Microsoft Store. One example is if the game was purchased through Steam.

You can get the initial breakdown here on the official website for cross-play with Deep Rock Galactic, but it reads:

  • When you purchase the game on Microsoft Store, you own it for Xbox One and Windows 10 Store (Microsoft Store).
  • The Game supports Cross-Platform Play. This means that both the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store Version (Microsoft Store) can play together. Important Note: This also means that you’re not playing with other players who have purchased the Steam version.
  • Your progress will be saved on Xbox One and Windows 10 Store versions (Microsoft Store).

Unfortunately, it’s the only thing you’ll get, and that’s all there is to say about the possibility of a cross-play with Deep Rock Galactic.

If you’re looking to take a peek at the game’s features Deep Rock Galactic is before you decide to play the game, here’s the trailer for its launch that coincides with the release of the latest PlayStation versions.


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