Netflix BINs October 2021- Get Free Netflix Premium For 1 Year

Want to find the latest working Netflix BINs to have your own Netflix premium account? We have got you covered. A Netflix BIN is bliss for people who do not have a credit card or PayPal to verify Netflix Premium, but still want to get it for free. If you are one of them, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will explain how to use a Netflix Bank Identification Number (BIN) to get a premium account for free. I will also share the latest working BINs to use with Netflix premium. Along with this, I will also explain how all of this works if you are new to anything.

What is a Netflix Premium BIN?

The abbreviation “BIN” stands for the Bank Identification Number. It represents the first four to six digits of your credit card number. The BIN is used to identify the financial institution that has issued a particular card. It also works as a security measure to protect both the user and the merchant during online transactions.

A Netflix Premium BIN is a specific BIN code that helps any user to generate a working credit card that is compatible with Netflix. A credit card that you generate using this code may or may not work with any other services except Netflix. You can use it to generate a credit card and subscribe to Netflix Premium for free.

Recently, Netflix has increased the monthly as well as annual subscription fees. This has made the service not affordable for a lot of users. If you are among them, you can use the Netflix BIN method to get it for free.

How does the Netflix BIN Method work?

Netflix offers different plans that offer varying features. The most affordable one is the Basic plan that costs $8.99 per month but allows only a single screen for streaming. The next plan is Standard that costs $12.99 per month and provides two screens. Their most expensive plan is Premium that costs $15.99 per month with ultra HD 4K streams on four screens.

The Netflix BIN method allows you to get any of these plans without paying any money. Yes, you guessed it right, you can get Netflix Premium for free. But, how doe this method achieves that?

There are many BINs used on specific websites to claim free trials that are exposed. These BINs need a specific IP address and user details to work. Users can use these to generate a virtual credit card and claim a Netflix free trial or subscribe to Premium. Although only the BINs having a sufficient balance will work to get a Premium subscription.

Netflix Premium/Free Trial BINs For 2021

Netflix BINs may help you to get a premium subscription for free. It could be in the form of a free trial or a full-fledged one. To do that, you only have to generate a virtual credit card using the BIN and use it with Netflix. I have explained the method more briefly in the next section.

There are two types of Netflix BINs- Direct BIN and BIN via PayPal. The direct BIN codes can be used to generate the card and create an account with it directly. The PayPal BIN codes are used to create a PayPal account and then you have to use it with Netflix. I have shared both types of Netflix BINs below.

BIN: 3710673

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live

BIN: 3712481

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live

BIN: 3717030

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live

BIN: 3710746

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live

BIN: 541570

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live

BIN: 534417

  • IP: USA/Australia
  • Status: Live

BIN: 413554

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Expired

BIN: 522334

  • IP: UAE
  • Status: Live

BIN: 551128

  • IP: Spain
  • Status: Live

BIN: 443078

  • IP: New York, USA
  • Status: Expired

Latest Working Netflix BINs for July & August 2021

BIN: 5577557140xxxxx

  • Expiry: 04/24
  • IP: Thailand
  • Status: Live

BIN: 6762191xxxxxxx

  • IP: Austria
  • Status: Live

BIN: 550800000xxxxx

  • Expiry: 08/25
  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live

BIN: 484801001934xxxx

  • Expiry: 05/21
  • IP: Hungary, Finland, Norway, Italy, Croatia
  • Status: Live

BIN: 515462002xxxxxxx

  • IP: USA
  • Status: Live
BIN: ‎469897765xxxx64x
  • Expiry: 08/21
  • IP: ‎Salvador
  • Status: Expired

How to use Netflix BINs to Get Premium Subscription Free?

A specific BIN or Bank Identification Number works only with a certain user IP and details. You can’t use it to generate working credit cards from any location. You must be connected to the same country to where the IP belongs to. Considering that, you will need a reliable VPN active like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or Vypr VPN.

Also, you have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection, and the Brave browser installed on your device. Set your search engine to DuckDuckGoGo in Brave. I wouldn’t recommend using Google Chrome for this method.

Once you meet the pre-requisites, follow these steps:

  • Pick a working 6 digit Netflix BIN code from the list available above.
  • You can also find it from a BIN Generator.
  • Now search the BIN to know about its country and bank.
  • Connect your VPN to the same country and make sure the connection is stable.
  • Next, visit this website to generate a virtual credit card using this BIN.
  • Paste the BIN into the specified box and generate a credit card.
  • Finally, visit and use the generated credit card to get a free trial or subscription.

That’s it. This is how you can use a BIN code to generate a credit card and get Netflix for free.

General F.A.Q About Netflix BIN

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Netflix BIN codes along with their answers.

Q: Is using Netflix BINs safe?

A: Yes, using it is completely safe as long as you are using the right measures.

Q: Is using BIN illegal?

A: Inappropriate use of a BIN code is considered carding, and carding is absolutely illegal in India as well as other countries.

Q: Can you get a full Netflix subscription with BINs?

A: Yes, it is possible but the chances are very low.

Q: Where can I find more Netflix & Spotify BIN codes?

A: You can find more Netflix BINs on our website, Telegram channels, Twitter, Reddit, and other social networks.

Q: Are there other ways to get Netflix Premium for free?

A: It is almost impossible to get Netflix Premium for free unless a friend is sharing his account with you. However, there are many ways to get it for a highly discounted price.

Final Words

Netflix has recently increased the subscription fee which has made it unaffordable for a lot of users. So, a lot of users are now trying to use BIN codes to get it for free. These are all the latest working Netflix BINs for 2021. I have also explained how you can use them. However, I’d strongly recommend that you try using the legal ways to get Netflix for a discounted price or claim its free trial.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you to get Netflix and stream your favorite show. Feel free to ask any questions using the comment box.