Xiaomi becomes the second-largest smartphone brand after losing to Apple

Xiaomi becomes the second-largest smartphone brand after losing to Apple.

After defeating Apple, Xiaomi became the second-largest smartphone brand in the world. Market research firm Canalys cited similar results in the competition for such smartphone makers in the second quarter of 2021. This is the first time that Xiaomi has risen to second place after making smartphones for so many years.

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At the moment, the Chinese brand has been able to hold a 17% share in the market regarding product shipments of smartphone makers around the world. 3% of this has gone since last year. This information is mentioned in the report published by the market research firm Canalys.

On the other hand, global smartphone shipments grew 12% in the second quarter. As before, Samsung Electronics is in the first place with a market share of 19% at the moment. Apple is in third place, their share is 17% at the moment.

On average, Xiaomi smartphones are 40% to 75% cheaper in the market than Samsung and Apple, respectively. “Sales of Xiaomi’s expensive smartphones have also grown exponentially this year,” says Ben Stanton, Canalys Research Manager.

Significantly, the company’s shipments grew 300% in Latin America, 150% in Africa, and about 50% in Western Europe—a figure that is much higher than before.

However, not just Xiaomi. Significant growth has also been observed in the two brands, Oppo, and Vivo. The handsets of these two companies have been included in the list of the top five best-selling smartphones in the world, regarding global rankings of smartphone makers.

In the second quarter of FY2021, both Oppo and Vivo could hold 10% of global shipments. According to those statistics, Vivo and Oppo are in fourth and fifth place, after Apple.

Samsung’s growth is somewhat the same as before. Samsung’s growth in year-on-year shipments is 15%. Xiaomi’s growth in global shipments, on the other hand, is about 83%, which is unthinkable!

Compared to that, Apple’s growth is very low—only 1%. The growth of Oppo and Vivo is 28% and 27%, respectively.