The US and EU seek to reach an agreement on the regulation of big tech

The US will likely press Europe to curb China’s ambitions.

Later, top officials from the US and EU will attempt to meet this month. Their strategies for regulating tech companies and defending democratic values. 

The internet, according to a statement made on Thursday. The creation of an EU/US Tech council was established at a summit in June. 

However, the work starts as soon as both sides fundamentally agree to alter the way giants think, such as Google, Facebook, or Apple does business.

The US will almost certainly pressure Europe to curb its ambitions China, an emerging superpower. 

Transatlantic Trade and Tech On September 29, Council will be held in Pittsburgh, an American tech hub. 

It will be directed over by Antony Blinken (US Secretary of State), US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo. 

Similarly, EU executive vice-presidents Margrethe Vestager and bloc’s tech leader, Valdis Dombrovskis, will lead the talks on the European side.

However, the Council was established at the request of Europeans, who wanted concrete signs. 

After years of tension, transatlantic cooperation was finally reopened. President Donald Trump, particularly in trade issues

“This first meeting… is our joint commitment towards expanding. And it should intensify transatlantic trade and investment. The rules updated “For the 21st Century Economy,” they released a joint statement.

“Building on our shared democratic principles and the largest world’s population, We have been hard at work to establish an economic relationship. 

We can take concrete steps in certain areas to promote trade and technology. It added that policies “deliver for our people.”

According to the statement, the meeting will arrange with 10 working groups. They will cover topics such as collaboration on technology standards, supply chain security. 

Additionally, they will discuss security online human rights violations and other abuses.