GeForce Is preparing for Launches On LG TVs.

GeForce Is preparing for Launches: Nvidia’s GeForce Now application for LG TVs is fully launching after two months of beta.

GeForce Now, which allows customers to stream a range of games on Nvidia’s servers onto modern devices such as tablets, smartphones, and PCs initially launched beta on a limited set of LG TVs in November 2021.

However, those who have compatible TVs in 2021 can now download the full version through the LG Content Store.

To make things even better, Nvidia is giving away six months of the GeForce Now Priority Tier when you purchase qualifying LG TVs in the period between January 1 through the 27th of March.

This LG TV app comes alongside Nvidia’s announcement to roll out resolution scaling options for GeForce Now.

These new options will make up for the loss in resolution suffered by those suffering from slower network speeds.

Users have the option of choosing from three options which are: Standard, Enhanced, and AI-Enhanced.

The last choice has the best quality for upscaling. However, it’s only available for Nvidia Shield and specific Nvidia GPUs as of now.

In relate Nvidia announcements, The company is reported to have dropped its $40 billion purchase of the chipmaker Arm in response to the ongoing anti-competitive issues raised by the FTC.