Twitch Streaming Returns To The Xbox

Twitch Streaming: Nearly a decade ago, the Xbox One and PS4 were the first consoles to allow users to stream their games directly to YouTube, UStream, and Twitch. 

Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform, took Twitch streaming off Xbox consoles. 

Microsoft will allow Twitch streaming from the Xbox to resume after Mixer was closed in 2020.

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Streaming Xbox games has never been more accessible.

This new blog post by Brenna Duffitt, Xbox Software Engineer, explains how Twitch integration has improved since its inception. 

First, players must access the Xbox Guide and navigate the Capture and Share tab. 

Next, choose Live Streaming. You will see a QR code that allows you to link your Twitch account.

Once your account has been linked, you can start streaming. 

You can customize the stream directly from the Xbox. 

The options panel allows you to change settings such as the stream title and audio levels for the game being played. 

After the death of Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform, this Twitch app is back.

Twitch gives Xbox gamers a reliable platform to share their games with others. 

The mixer was well-known for its famous, paid content creator Ninja and her shows’ exclusive streaming. 

The site could not maintain a steady viewer base, and it ended up shutting down.