Bioware Updates on Dragon Age 4’s Development

Dragon Age 4’s Development: Bioware was once a beloved gaming studio. But, it seems that things have changed since the Mass Effect 3 controversy. 

The studio has lost several key people, and its games have not been well-received. 

People were more concerned than excited when the new Dragon Age was revealed. 

The company recently posted a blog post that assured fans that the game was still being developed.

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The game is still in development despite another staff departure.

Gary McKay is the General Manager of Bioware and has updated readers on Dragon Age 4’s progress via the Bioware Blog.

 He began by explaining the various phases of game development. 

He said that the game is currently in production.

McKay stated, “For the next Dragon Age, we are right on schedule in production, which is a great feeling.”

McKay also added, “Our blueprint was completed last year, so we’re now focusing on our vision: creating great environments, deep characters, strong gameplay, impactful writing, emotional cinematics, and much more. The game’s blueprint is well-understood, and the team is focused. “

Mckay also addressed the departure of Christian Dailey, Bioware’s Executive Producer. 

He was the Executive Producer for the game and had been an influential figure in its development. 

Bioware will provide more information on Dragon Age 4 later in the year via their blog and social media posts. The game is not yet available.