TikTok releases new privacy updates to teens, with limits on notification notifications

TikTok releases new privacy updates to teens: It includes the ability to choose who can see videos and the limit when notifications for younger users.

In a report, TikTok detailed several social platform features aimed at users ages 13 to 17. Also, read How to hide your phone number when calling.

TikTok releases new privacy updates to teens

These include the default settings for direct messaging. Therefore, you can’t send private messages unless you update sharing options.

Meanwhile, when younger users share videos, the updates prompts ask them who they would like to see and whether they would like other people to download them.

Besides, TikTok has also set limits for when teens receive notifications. Users aged 13-15 years old will not receive push notifications after 9 pm, while users 16-17 years old won’t get notifications after 10 pm.

“These changes continue on our ongoing commitments. However, there’s no end line when it comes down to protecting the safety, privacy, and well-being in our community.” Alexandra Evans (TikTok’s head for child safety public policy) and Aruna Sharma (global director of privacy) said in a joint statement.

TikTok has seen a surge in popularity, especially among younger smartphone users. App Annie, a research firm, found that TikTok was the most popular app in 2020 worldwide and the USA.

However, TikTok isn’t the only app that recently updated its platform to safeguard its younger users. Similarly, last month, Instagram rolled out updates to provide more privacy to teens.

It includes defaulting accounts for those 16 and under to be private, making it more challenging for potentially suspicious reports to find teen users.