The Tricky Process of Buying a Laptop: What You Need To Think About

It’s a big day. Your beloved laptop of six years is finally showing the black screen of death, and not even the constant pushing of the power button is reviving it. It’s time to say goodbye, have a sob, and then make the difficult decision to move on. If you’re like anyone else, however, this will probably all be done in the space of five minutes.

Once finished, your life is now consumed by finding the next one. But how can you do this? How can anything replace your wonder of a laptop, which never let you down until it randomly decided to kick the bucket? 

Well, you might be surprised to learn that laptops have come on leaps and bounds over the last decade. The technological market is constantly evolving and changing, and that can make things fairly difficult, especially when checking out all the new specifications during your browse of the electronics store.

Everything seems so technical nowadays. Nothing is simple anymore. So although there are fantastic, new, efficient laptops out there, the process of actually finding them is anything but efficient.  

Don’t fret, however. It doesn’t take long to work out what you should be looking for when buying a new laptop. Whether it’s for work, a gaming laptop, or just something to watch funny cat videos on youtube, here are the main things you need to keep in mind:

Read and Compare Warranties

Firstly, although it may seem like a bit of a slog, it is crucial that you read the warranty of a laptop you are keen to buy. This will differ depending on the make and model you are going for, so it is important to understand exactly how covered you are if things go a bit awry. 

But does your laptop warranty count as insurance? Well, yes and no. Although a warranty will provide insurance for any breakdowns, it will not cover theft, damage, or breakage, so insurance is another area you should look into after purchasing. 

If you are confused about anything to do with the warranty, however, you should not be afraid to talk to the shop assistant and gain some clarity. They are no stupid questions, and this is a lot of money at stake, so be confident and ask away.

Battery Life Is Important

Oftentimes, battery life is overlooked in favor of screen display, sound, or aesthetics. But battery life is actually one of the most important aspects of any laptop. Although you may use your laptop predominantly at home, it is still designed to be used on the go, with the ability to hold its charge enough so that you can take it out for a day and never need to scour the coffee-shop floor for a plug. 

This is especially important in 2022 when our work and livelihoods are all packed away inside a cloud. You will want a laptop that is reliable and won’t die within a few hours of a train ride. 

Storage Is Also Key

As well as battery life, storage is regularly overlooked. Once again, however, the storage capacity of your laptop is just as important as anything else. These days, solid slate drives are optimal for quick, efficient storage, able to hold all of your information, data, pictures, videos, documents, and just about anything else you can think of. 

If you are forking out for a laptop, you will want it to be able to carry everything you need it to carry, so check out the specifications of its storage and allow that to influence your decision.

Keyboard Quality

This may seem like quite an inane point, but picking out a laptop based on its keyboard quality can also really help you narrow it down. The keyboard is an essential part of any laptop, and, if you are using this laptop to work, you will want to make sure that the keyboard responds fast and is comfortable. 

There are plenty of quality laptops out there that are no fun to use specifically because the manufacturers put little care into the keyboard, making it feel plastic and clunky. A keyboard can make or break a laptop, so try them out and see what feels good.

Your Money, Your Decision

The last thing you need to be aware of is that many customer assistants are actively trying to make you purchase something. Trust us, they can sniff out a naive technology noob from miles off, so be prepared for them to direct you towards certain products for a quick sale. 

Don’t give in to their will, though. When it comes to spending a lot of money on a laptop, you shouldn’t let anyone rush you. This is your money, and it is your decision. If you do a little research and enter the store with a game plan, there’s every chance you will purchase a laptop that is practical, reasonable, and above all, the laptop that you want!