Google Celebrated Valentine’s Day 2022 With an Interactive 3D Doodle

Google celebrates Valentine’s Day by releasing an Interactive 3D Doodle that features two Hamsters in love with each other.

Users must solve the puzzle of the hamsters featured in the Doodle to make their way clear to meet.

Interactive Google Doodle can be shared online to commemorate Valentine’s Day 2022 with your beloved family and friends.

The Doodle is being shown in different regions of the world, including India and the US.

Valentine’s Day is also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine.

The new Google Doodle shows the story of two Hamsters who have been separated from their homes and travelled to two distinct corners.

The goal is to reconnect them through the maze.

You can start the process simply by pressing the Doodle, which appears on the homepage of Google’s website.

Google has created a variety of switches and gears which you can utilize within the Doodle to get through puzzles and bring the two hamsters back together yet again.

After you’ve completed the maze, hit the heart in the center to bring the hamsters back together.

They can celebrate their reunion by shouting, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Sometimes love comes as a surprise. It’s filled with twists and turns; however, through all of its challenges and tribulations, it will still bring people closer (no regardless of the nature of the species),” Google declared in announcing the new Doodle on its website.

The Doodle was created through the team’s intense efforts, including engineers and artists and a UX designer and producer.

Google has also released initial concepts and animatics for the Doodle to illustrate how the idea of two hamsters who love each other came to the world.

As per the Google website, the Doodle to celebrate Valentine’s Day appears in several countries across the globe, including India, Australia, Canada, Russia, and the UK and the US and the US, among others.