YouTuber Valkyrae is Taking a “Very Long” Break

YouTuber Valkyrae is Taking a “Very Long” Break: Since switching from Twitch to YouTube, popular YouTube streamer Valkyrae has built up a loyal following and become one of the platform’s most viewed female broadcasters.

The YouTuber has stated that she would be taking a “very lengthy” sabbatical, so the content roll that Valkyrae has been on via regular broadcasts and YouTube videos is temporarily stopping.

Along with other streamers, including Disguised Toast, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Michael Reeves, and Scarra, Offline TV is a group of friends producing material.

Although she is not a member of Offline TV, Dexerto saw that Valkyrae was asked to join a group of members who would be travelling to Japan for a week shortly.

While Valkyrae will be absent from her YouTube channel for a week due to her trip to Japan, the content producer has said the absence would last longer.

After their triumph in the Valorant competition, Offline TV requested Valkyrae to accompany the trip to Japan. However, Valkyrae said in a video that she would be travelling outside of Japan.

While Valkyrae promised to reveal her whereabouts and companions whenever feasible, she omitted to tell her YouTube viewers where she was going after leaving Japan. When Valkyrae returns from her foreign vacation, she won’t immediately start streaming again since she plans to visit New York and vlog many of her adventures.

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To avoid stepping on anyone’s toes, Valkyrae waited until Scarra from Offline TV announced the Japan trip before announcing to her audience that she was joining the team.

She also secured permission from OTV to discuss it. Although Valkyrae was open with her audience in her YouTube video about the approaching hiatus, it’s not yet sure when she’ll resume her usual routine since the length of the journey beyond Japan is still unknown.

Given her interactions with the content creator collective over the years, Valkyrae’s YouTube fans are already familiar with Offline TV, while some Offline TV viewers may see more of her via their travels.

While some Valkyrae fans are sad by her absence from her daily YouTube feeds, many others are looking forward to the trip to Japan and any possible material that may result from it.

Some Valkyrae supporters also said that she deserves a vacation given how long she has continued to develop on YouTube and mentioned that the OTV team appears like a family to which Valkyrae is now a member.

Some Valkyrae admirers have assumed that she would be visiting relatives in the Philippines even though she didn’t specify where she was heading after Japan; however, they won’t know for sure until Valkyrae verifies the destination in a YouTube statement.