Inscryption coming to PlayStation with new features

Inscryption coming to PlayStation with new features: Inscryption, a horror card-based roguelike, will soon be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This was recently confirmed by PlayStation and Daniel Mullins, the game’s designer.

Not only is the game finally being released on Sony’s platforms, but it also has elements exclusive to the PlayStation that are missing from the PC version.

On October 19, 2021, Devolver Digital’s Inscryption was first made available as a Windows-only PC game.

In 2022, MacOS and Linux ports were released. The game is now debuting on PlayStation consoles.

“An inky black card-based voyage that’s half deck-building roguelike, part escape-room puzzler, and part psychological horror,” says Mullins of the game.

In a card game, players must use strategy to escape the hands of a perilous stranger.

When the cards aren’t the main attraction, the players will explore the cabin where the game is being played to crack codes, locate power-ups to help with the card games, and finally escape.

The PlayStation ports from Inscryption are jam-packed with unique features. The connector will play audio from the Stoat card via the DualSense controller’s built-in speaker.

To replicate the appearance and feel of the cabin, it will also use ambient lighting through the controller.

Finally, utilizing specific objects like the pliers triggers the haptic feedback of the Dualshock 5 controller.

This port is one of seven independent PlayStation announcements that include other games.

Sea of Stars, Cursed to Golf, Signals, and Cult of Lamb are some of the other independent games highlighted on the platforms.

Fans of horror games, card games, and roguelikes may presumably anticipate Inscryption to arrive on PlayStation platforms before the end of 2022, but there is no official release date.