Lost Ark Guardian Raids Solo Guide

Lost Ark Guardian; since Lost Ark is officially out, there’s an array of dungeons, raids, and quests for you to explore. If you’ve ever played a lot of MMO players, you may be familiar with the idea of tracking for a boss in the Co-op mode to take on the massive monster.

For Lost Ark, Guardian raids could be the type of PvE you’re looking to take on. It’s like having a 20-minute adventure into and out, with hefty rewards when you defeat the principal boss. You’ll face several challenges, including tracking down the boss Guardian.

You can go solo to beat the Guardian; however, it is advised not to. So, how do you begin with these quests? Find out how to gain access to the Guardian quests within the Lost Ark Solo Guide.

Guardian Raids Lost Ark Solo Guide

Today, we’ll break down the Lost Ark Guardian Raids Solo Guide into four sections:

  1. How do I unlock Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?
  2. What exactly is Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?
  3. How to Complete Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?
  4. Rewards for the completion of Guardian Raids

How to Unlock Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?

You must pass the required qualifications for raiding the various Guardians. No kidding! You must finish your Guardian Raid Qualification certification quest to access Guardian raids.

In addition, you must have a minimum level of 50 or higher to grind in Guardian raids. Furthermore, you need to complete the tutorial quests within Vern. Once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites, you can visit the Raid Notice Board to start the Guardian raid.

What is Guardian Raids in Lost Ark?

All you need to do is find the Guardian boss Guardian and take it down. However, it’s not as simple as it seems; guardians aren’t for those new to the game. Guardian raids feature four Guardians at each difficulty level.

In addition, there are five different levels of these raids that meet the requirement of a minimum iLvl for each to begin grinding. The following are all Guardians that have the minimum iLvl level you’ll encounter:

Guardian Raid Level 1

  • Ur’nil – 302+
  • Lumerus – 340+
  • Icy Legoros – 380+
  • Vertus – 420+

Guardian Raid Level 2

  • Chromanium – 460+
  • Nacrasena – 500+
  • Flame Fox Yoho – 540+
  • Tytalos – 580+

Guardian Raid Level 3

  • Dark Legoros – 802+
  • Helgaia – 840+
  • Calventus – 880+
  • Achates – 920+

Guardian Raid Level 4

  • Frost Helgaia – 960+
  • Lava Chromanium – 1000+
  • Levanos – 1040+
  • Alberhastic – 1080+

Guardian Raid Level 5

  • Heavy Armor Nacrasena – 1302+
  • Igrexion – 1325+
  • Night Fox Yoho – 1355+
  • Velganos – 1385+

How to Complete Guardian Raids?

Here’s how you can complete Guardian Raids in Lost Ark:

  • Before you begin any raid, you will be presented with the option of harvesting their souls or not. You can choose to collect their souls to gain more loot.
  • You’ll need to collaborate and think with your team to take on the Guardian.
  • The daily limit for grinding in Guardian raids is two. However, failing to finish an entire charge will not count by your limit daily. It is possible to reset your computer and retry to complete the task.
  • Once you’ve started the mission, your team will be granted three respawns, each with the ticking of a twenty-minute timer. Your raid will fail if your team fails to survive after three respawns.
  • When you have completed your first raid Ur is null, and the subsequent invasion is made accessible to you, and on and on.
  • If you wish to gain access to higher Guardian raids, you’ll need to finish the four attacks within that specific degree of difficulty.
  • The initial stages of these quests are pretty easy to start with. As you advance, you’ll encounter Guardians who are more buffed and more intelligent. Intelligent because these Guardians with the highest level will scurry around, wasting your time. You can also equip flares to hunt down these Guardians. We recommend selecting the right team and following the correct strategy for dealing with these Guardians.

Rewards for the completion of Guardian Raids

Once you have killed The Guardian, you will collect their souls to get the treasure. Raids with Guardians is the most effective method to earn several precious stones and upgrade materials for crafting the ability stones and engraving.

Find the anticipated rewards before starting the quest. Then, if you continue to progress to more complex levels, you will be rewarded with more and better items.