The Best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring

Best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring: Elden Ring has lots of Bosses and Hostile creatures. Some are simple to take on, while some take longer to take them down. So, you’ll require the best weapons & Gear. Of the many kinds of weapons, this game offers an item called Thrusting Swords class. They offer moderate damage and quick attacks, paired with a tremendous reach while slashing and cutting enemies. This article will demonstrate the best thrusting Swords in the Elden Ring.

Best Thrusting Swords to find in Elden Ring

Thrusting Swords are a highly flexible class of weapons available in Elden Ring. They can modify the weapon by applying several Ashes of War to change their Damage Type or Skills However; they also have an integrated feint exactly like Curved Swords.

 This Swords primarily scale of DEX and STR. It will differ based on the Thrusting Sword you’re employing and their affinity. Their damage and power are increased by a significant amount when you are Power-Stanced; therefore, try to find two of them if possible. 2 different Thrusting Swords can also use. These are the best Thrusting Swords to use in the Elden Ring.

Antspur Rapier is one of the most potent thrusting Swords in the Elden Ring.

Antspur Rapier Antspur Rapier is an awesome Thrusting Sword for various reasons. One of them is that it is a Thrusting Sword. Another reason is that it is the sole one in its class with Scarlet Rot built-up naturally

This creates a build that allows players to create three to four unique status effects on their enemy. Read our guide on the best PvP builds to learn how to use this weapon. Antspur Rapier. The appeal of it is the ability to be flexible and adaptable

It can be used with any of the Ashes of War & set the affinities in line. Antspur Rapier has a D-scale for the two categories of STR and DEX, and to use it, you’ll need 10 STR and twenty DEX.

Frozen Needle

The Frosted Needle can be a great Thrusting Sword since it can apply Frost on your enemies. Only weapon of its kind to provide Frost buildup automatically. It is possible to create a complete Frost Build with it as you can use it in fights nearby and combat with range

 Equipped with the Weapon Skill Impaling Thrust, which is not replaceable. It is a Frozen Needle scales E in STR and D in DEX, and to use it; you’ll require 11 STR and 18 DEX. The Frozen Needle through beating The Royal Revenant Boss. It is not possible to alter it Magically or alter it.

Estoc Thrusting Sword

The Estoc is a Thrusting Sword with numerous uses. Compared to other weapons in this list, it’s the most simple to acquire. Estoc is a weapon that scales from E to STR & C in DEX, and to use it; you’ll require 11 STR and 18.3 DEX

It is easy to acquire one by beginning in a prisoner’s class. You could also purchase it through The Nomadic Merchant at Liurnia of the Lakes and Patches. This Estoc can be made to infuse all Ashes of War on it and create an excellent DEX weapon from it. 

You could try the same strategy as the Antspur Rapier, but it won’t be as effective because the Estoc is more powerful, has a greater DEX scale, and is a better weapon for a Venomous Bleed build. Add a couple of Talismans and some incantations, and you’ll amaze by this tool’s power.