How to Fix Surface Pen Not Working Issue?

Technology is evolving at its peak nowadays, while our computers are turning smaller and smaller. Tech giants keep coming up with new devices and technologies to keep the advancements going. Who thought that you could draw on a screen, just like it was paper? Microsoft has such a high-tech product known as the Surface Pen and it is only compatible with Windows versions. Well, such high-end tech sometimes backfires when it goes through some sort of an error, and we can no longer use it. The good news is, such errors are not permanent and can be sorted out. So in this article, we will cover how to fix the issue with the Surface Pen not working.

What Is Surface Pen?

For all the new peeps, the Surface Pen is a digital pen by Microsoft for Surface devices, which is compatible with Windows 8/8.2 and 10 operating systems. The Surface Pen has advanced features like a right-click button and an eraser on the top to clear out mistakes when contacted to the screen. There have been many new models of Surface Pen coming up with multiple new features.

How To Fix The “Surface Pen Not Working” Issue?

So now you are facing issues with your Surface Pen and it’s not working anymore. You don’t need to panic, there are several methods this issue can be solved with. And for that, we have mentioned a list of methods to get this issue fixed along with instructive steps to make it easier for you to follow them without any confusion.

1. Update Windows 10

Number one step would be to update Windows. You need to be sure if the latest version of Windows is updated on your Surface Pro, or any other device you usually use Surface Pen on, only then would your Surface Pen work. And obviously, if that’s the case, you need to update your Windows version on your device for Surface Pen to work on it. Don’t know how it’s done? Below mentioned are the instructions for you to update Windows.

  • Visit Action Center on your Windows device
  • You will now see an All Settings option
  • Click on it and click Update & Security option
  • Once you click on it, you will see all the version information you require
  • It will say if your device is up to date or not
  • If it doesn’t say that, click on the Check For Updates button
  • You will find out if there’s an update and hence, you can go ahead and install it
  • After the update, you won’t be having the Surface Pen not working issue anymore

2. Check Battery

Just like any other device, Surface Pen runs on a battery and it is highly possible that the battery has turned flat and probably won’t work anymore. But before jumping to conclusions, we need to first confirm if that is the case, and for that, you need to check the battery. Don’t worry, we have mentioned how you can check the battery of your Surface Pen

  • To check the battery, first Press the eraser button on the Surface Pen
  • Hold the button for 5- 10 seconds
  • Now you will either see a green or a red light or no light at all
  • The green light indicates that the battery is charged and there’s nothing wrong with it
  • Red light indicates that the battery is low and probably needs replacement
  • No light means the battery is already dead
  • You can easily replace the battery by pulling the eraser at the top of the pen
  • Note: Surface Pen requires AAAA battery, make sure you replace it with the same.

3. Pair To The Surface

If you are facing any issue with your Surface Pen not working, there could be issues with pairing on your Surface Pen with the Surface Pro device. You can try to pair your Surface Pen to your Surface Pro through Bluetooth. It is very easy to do this, all you need to is,

  • Visit Action Center on your Surface Pro
  • Now, click on All Settings
  • Visit Devices option
  • If you see your Surface Pen in the paired device, it is suggested to remove it first
  • Now click on Add Bluetooth Device
  • Click on Bluetooth
  • Now click on Surface Pen and pair it
  • You should be able to use your Surface Pen now

4. Make Sure You Are Using Correct App

Before thinking that your Surface Pen is faulty or dead, it is important to know if you are using the correct app that is compatible with your Surface Pen. Even though the device or operating system you are using could be compatible with Surface Pen, there are only a limited amount of apps that allow Surface Pen to draw on their interface. So before completely throwing away your pen, you need to confirm if it’s working or not. To check if it’s working otherwise, all you need to do is,

  • Open Windows Ink Workspace on your Surface Pro device
  • You will find it in the Windows 10 taskbar
  • Once it is open, click on the Screen Sketch button
  • And start drawing on the screen
  • If it’s working now, it was just an app issue and your Surface Pen is completely fine

5. Replacement

If you have tried every method mentioned in the article, and nothing seems to be working for you, the very last solution to this issue, is to simply get a new Surface Pen. You can try to contact Microsoft support to get the full information regarding a replacement.


See, how easy it was to get rid of this issue? You can go ahead and get rid of the issue with the Surface Pen not working in few steps. If you have queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.