More Russian company websites were hacked in March, says a cyber firm.

Russia’s government and state-owned businesses have been targeted because of what happened in Ukraine.

The Kremlin, Aeroflot, and Sberbank websites have all been down or had problems for a short time.

Rostelecom-Solar, the cybersecurity arm of the Russian telecom company Rostelecom, said on Friday that it had seen a rise in activity on hacker forums on February 22 and 23.

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The attacks on state government websites started on February 25.

“Government resources are still the main target of attackers,” Rostelecom-Solar said in a statement. 1,700 DDoS attacks have hit one government site alone in the last three days.

Businesses have also become a target, especially the banking sector, which has been heavily sanctioned by Western countries, like the US and the UK.

Rostelecom-Solar says there has been a significant rise in DDoS attacks in the commercial sector; more than 1,100 of these attacks were recorded from March 1 to 10, which is more than the whole of February, the company said.

In March, there were more than 450 attacks on banks. This is more than four times as many as in February.