Skyrim: Guide to Promises to Keep Quest

There are numerous side quests on Skyrim which reward players for taking a step away from the path of least resistance. For instance, the “Promises To Keep’ quest can start within Riften and is all about, of all things, horses.

Although it may seem easy, it can become difficult if players aren’t aware of what they can expect from this portion of Skyrim‘s content.

Its Promises to Keep quest is more straightforward than many; however, it’s a great deal of money and could be challenging for players who aren’t sure what to expect.

 For those who do not can persuade, getting it is an excellent idea. Additionally, having a partner is a great way to create fire during the latter parts of the game’s quest.


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 Although it’s not among Skyrim’s most complex challenges, the enemies you face are numerous and could be intimidating (especially for players who aren’t at the level of).

The quest can begin by contacting Louis Letrush just inside the Bee and Barb bars in Riften. 

Louis will be charging players for talking to a prisoner from Black-Briar inside Riften Jail.

Riften Jail will reveal the location of the documents that confirm Frost’s noble birth. The horse is name Frost. 

That’s where the Persuasion perk can be helpful. The guard in the jail can  convince or paid, and the cost isn’t expensive. 

After speaking with prisoners, gamers are ordered to go to an east-facing lodge of Riften to take the papers and the horse. 

One of the most effective methods of entering the building is to use Skyrim‘s ability to stealth capabilities.

A steward can be helpful in this aspect of the journey. In stealing the papers or Frost the Frost, there will be plenty of mercenaries inside and outside the structure.

Even if the players can get into the building through the system’s rear, there’ll be plenty of enemies.

 A friend can draw fire, making the task considerably more manageable.

 After the players have gotten their horses and papers and the horse, they have to go back to Louis to complete the quest and receive the reward of 750 coins.

While it’s not as clear as the final chapter of Skyrim‘s main quest storyline, the reward isn’t taken lightly.

If you think about it, The Promises to Keep quest is an enjoyable, quick game for players that will be worth its weight in gold. 

The reward is fantastic when considering how fast players can complete the task. 

After the quest is complete, the players can play the rest of Skryim‘s fantastic gaming world.

Skyrim can be available for download across PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.