Riot Games and Amazon Web Services form a partnership

Riot Games and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced a new agreement to deliver Riot’s esports content, including the mobile exclusive League of Legends: Wild Rift, to the cloud, as reported by Gamesbeat.

AWS will provide Riot with a range of cloud services, including deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. AWS will improve Riot’s future esports broadcasts for the Valorous Champions Tour, League of Legends Esports, and Wild Rift Esports.

The purpose is to provide a similar experience and in-depth data to those shown in broadcasts for major sports leagues. Important facts will be displayed before, during, and after programs to educate and enlighten viewers.

AWS analytics to support rankings

Riot will also employ AWS’ analytical tools to analyze gaming. Riot will use the information acquired to provide the “AWS Global Power Rankings” later, which will instantly provide rankings of the best professional teams in each league.

Additionally, the teams are creating “Pick’em powered by AWS,” enabling fans to compete in bracket challenges based on tournament data and maybe win prizes.

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Through a hackathon that will be held this autumn, where participant teams compete to design statistic-focused systems, Riot and AWS may directly include the fans in creating both the Power Rankings and Pick’em systems. 

The businesses will work together to create the platform’s first version before giving participants access to data and AWS features to complete projects.

To use AWS technology, Riot Games is also creating Project Stryker, a network of cloud-based remote broadcast centres throughout the globe. 

To handle 24/7 live content globally, they want to integrate this with their facilities across the globe, including two that are now being built in Dublin and Seattle.

In response to continuous copyright infringement of Wild Rift from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Riot has recently resumed legal action against Moonton.