PlayStation Acquires Esports Platform Repeat

With the rise of franchised leagues and competitive gaming groups teaming up with major companies to create crazy partnerships, the esports field has seen enormous expansion.

According to an early afternoon statement from Sony, the esports site will be joining the PlayStation family, which recognizes the relevance of the competitive gaming sector.

A variety of competitions for video games, including Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone, are held on the platform.

Repeat includes a ton of free or paid entry tournaments and “automatic result monitoring” for a more straightforward way to keep track of player statistics in those events.

This purchase may have been motivated by Sony’s efforts to develop the competitive gaming community on the PlayStation platform via the organization of regular tournaments, including related games.

According to the official statement, Repeat stressed how crucial this alliance is to the group. Both parties may now continue to concentrate on the objective of delivering “Esports for Everyone” thanks to this transaction.

With many new games expected to gain a lot of support in the future, joining the PlayStation family enables Repeat to conduct larger tournaments than it did before without Sony’s assistance.

The Repeat team also says that while League of Legends will keep growing, this won’t affect the competitions held for PC games like those.

Beginning with the statement that this has been in the works “for some time now,” the announcement made an intriguing point.

Although the duration is not specified, this continues Sony’s practice of paying attention to the expanding esports industry.

Sony announced the acquisition of the well-known fighting game competition EVO at the beginning of last year.

Of course, Sony has made other acquisitions as well. With an apparent concentration on the live-service industry, Sony recently welcomed Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios and Destiny developer Bungie to the PlayStation family.

Although not all competitive games have thriving esports ecosystems, games like League of Legends and Fortnite do. With Bungie developing live-service games and Haven allegedly developing a live-service game for the PS5, Repeat joining PlayStation could be a sign that Sony is looking to make a significant investment in the competitive market to branch out beyond just making blockbuster single-player experiences.