Dragon Ball Z Could Collaborate With Fortnite

Whether a piece of intellectual property originates from a TV program, movie, book, comic, or animation, Fortnite is open to incorporating anything.

With the recent addition of new Naruto skins, Fortnite appears particularly thrilled to be pursuing its passion for anime.

However, Fortnite isn’t the only well-known anime series partnered with Naruto.

Data miners have indicated that Dragon Ball Z may be the next anime to work with Fortnite.

Due to the finding of an intriguing new object inside Fortnite’s files, the partnership is suggested but not fully verified. Fans of Dragon Ball Z will recognize the prop right away.

It’s a capsule, a little container that resembles a pill with a button on top. The contents of these capsules are almost limitless in the Dragon Ball Z world.

The Capsule Corp emblem, which consists of a massive “C” and a second, more minor “C,” is also visible on the capsule.

In Fortnite, this item is referred to as a “Stamina Capsule” and is a kind of cooperation item.

In other words, a Fortnite component with a Dragon Ball Z connection leaked.

Although it hasn’t been utilized yet, it wouldn’t be in Fortnite’s files if that wasn’t the intention.

Although no other Dragon Ball Z assets have been located, it wouldn’t be a surprise if more and more were located over the coming weeks.

The leaked item is also intriguing in its own right, even if a Dragon Ball Z crossover event and the possible release of multiple skins are undoubtedly thrilling.

It is possible that a “Stamina Capsule” is a brand-new category of consumable.

The name suggests that it may gradually increase stamina, enabling players to run for more extended periods or with more speed.

In Fortnite, several partnerships provide distinctive gameplay improvements, albeit only momentarily. One such partnership may be DBZ.

Choosing which skins to use for a Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z collaboration might be the hardest.

Although Goku and Vegeta seem like the obvious candidates, who follows them?

Gohan and Piccolo are all excellent options, but so are Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu, to name a few.

The number of collaborations is often small, but DBZ fans will probably want more and more.

Leaks have suggested August as the time when Fortnite gamers should anticipate the Dragon Ball Z partnership to begin, or at the very least, further details to be revealed.

Although there is no concrete proof, it is the day when the newest Dragon Ball Z film will be shown in North American cinemas. Further leaks will likely corroborate the crossover in the following weeks.