Rainbox Six Extract will be available on Amazon.

Rainbox Six Extract will be available on Amazon: Rainbow Six Extraction is the next installment in the Rainbox Six series. 

Three players can control Rainbox Six operators and take on the Archaens.

 Extraction is a cooperative game in which three players play together. 

It was announced today that the game would be available on Xbox Game Pass starting January 20th.

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This month, Game Pass will get co-op action.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Extraction on PC, consoles, and the cloud.

 In addition, Rainbox Six Siege was also announced for Game Pass. Players will have access to extra content through the United Front Bundle.

Ubisoft+ will soon be available on Xbox platforms as part of Ubisoft’s following game news. 

Ubisoft+, a streaming service, allows subscribers to access a library of more than 100 Ubisoft titles. 

Subscribers can also access games that are available at launch. It costs $14.99 per month.

Game Pass has seen many significant improvements in the last year.

 Outriders and Psychonauts 2 were all available on the first day of service.

 EA Access, EA’s subscription service, was add to Game Pass at no extra cost.

 Xbox Game Pass is available for 9.99 per month or $14.99 if your goal is to play online multiplayer.

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