All types of weapons in The Anacrusis

All types of weapons in The Anacrusis: The Anacrusis is a four-player cooperative shooter that pits you against an alien invasion team.

 You’ll need to be prepare with all type of weapons in The Anacrusis you can find. There are many options. 

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These are all the weapon types available in The Anacrusis.  


This pistol is your standard sidearm. The gun has 12 shot ammo, infinite surplus ammo, and a firepower of 1.6 g. It is the “I just ran out ammo for good mine gun” type weapon, and it is also the only weapon you can use when you’re down.


The SMB is very similar to the SMG found in other games. The gun has a high rate of fire and a 500 ammo limit, but it is a bit weaker in terms of range, firepower, and spread.

 This gun is ideal for killing Grunts between encounters and clearing out Spawner’s minions. This weapon is available in all Safe Rooms.


The Blaster is a game version of the shotgun use by other shooters. The Blaster has high firepower, spread, low range, and low rate fire. 

You will need an ammo station to refill your ammo, especially during long encounters. The Blaster’s ammo capacity is 96. A Blaster is handy for clearing Grunts and for dispatching Brutes. You can find this weapon in all Safe Rooms.

Plasma Rifle

The Plasma Rifle is the perfect assault rifle for you. The Plasma Rifle is your Swiss Army Knife. 

It has moderate firepower, hip-fire spread, and a high rate of fire. The space of the Rifles reduces when you aim down sights.

 This allows you to choose targets from a distance. This is a great way to get rid of Grabbers or Coopers.

 With 240-round ammo, you will have plenty of rounds. This weapon is available in all Safe Rooms.

Arc Rifle

The Arc Rifle is a unique weapon that cannot be found outside Safe Rooms. It shocks targets in a box in front of it. It is powerful and beneficial for crowd control. However, the ammo limit is 45 and cannot be replenish with Ammo Stations.

Laser Rifle

The Laser Rifle is a unique weapon that cannot be obtaine as loot in Safe Rooms.

 It fires a concentrated beam of heat at whatever you point it at. 

 Can use this to focus damage on one entity or a room and clear an entire area. 

The weapon’s ammo limit is 45 and cannot be replenish with Ammo Stations.

Auto Turrets

The Auto Turret, a special weapon that cannot find outside Safe Rooms as loot, is a “fire and forget” type weapon.

Can set it up before you start an encounter and track on to enemies, and fire them within a 180-degree radius.

 Once placed, it cannot be picked up or turned around. 

Make sure it is set up exactly as you wish before putting it down. You can place two turrets with this weapon. However, you can create additional Auto Turrets by finding more.